About Lists & Segments

      About Lists & Segments

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        Supported plans

        Premium, Enterprise

        eCommerce Platform

        Shopify, Shopify Plus

        Lists & Segments enables you to group your customers based on customer data, for example, purchasing behavior, customer attributes, marketing subscription and engagement, UGC activity, and Loyalty program behavior.

        Use this feature to increase engagement and ROI by targeting shoppers based on their purchasing behaviors and attributes.

        What are lists and segments?

        Lists and segments are a great way to target your customers with the most relevant campaigns and messaging. For example, you might want to build campaigns that specifically target your most valuable customers, your potential top prospects, or your newest customers.

        • Lists - These are static lists of members you uploaded manually using a CSV file. You can update a list by uploading additional customers into the same list.
        • Segments - These are defined by a set of conditions. For example, a segment could include customers who spent the most on your store, made a purchase within the last month, or have not made a purchase in a long time. Segments are dynamic and will grow and shrink based on customer behavior.

        Access your lists and segments

        In the Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Lists & Segments.
        Here, you can see all the lists and segments that you created, as well as some predefined segments we created to get you started.

        Please note:
        We built predefined segments to help you get the most out of the full suite of Yotpo products. If you don’t have all of the Yotpo products yet, some predefined segments may be locked.

        Understanding your list and segment data

        The type of audience, either list or segment, is indicated under its title. Next to it is information about the customers included.

        • Customers: The number of customers in this list or segment
          • 431 is the total number of customers 
          • 12% is the percentage of all your customers that are included 
        • Last updated: The date that this list or segment was created or last updated

        Click the arrow under the list or segment name to see more information about it:

        • For segments, you’ll see the conditions that define the segment and the source of the segment data. Learn more about segment conditions
        • For lists, you’ll see a description and/or its creation date

        Click the 3-dot menu on the right to see further actions you can take. Learn more about managing lists and segments

        Next steps

        Ready to create your first list or segment? See the articles below to get started:

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