Activating Keyword Subscription

      Activating Keyword Subscription

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        Keywords are a fantastic tool for collecting new subscribers because they are short, memorable, and extremely easy to set up and use. All a customer has to do is text that keyword to subscribe to your SMS program.

        In this article, you'll learn how to activate keywords.

        You have one free keyword when you are on the Yotpo SMS & Email Free plan.
        • Every additional keyword costs 10$ monthly. All your paid keywords become free when you upgrade to any subscription plan.
        • If you downgrade to Free, the first keyword from your list will remain free. Other keywords become $10 per keyword.

        Adding a new keyword

        To add a new keyword:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Subscriber Collection Tools.
        2.  Click the Keyword card. A pop-up with an overview of the tool will appear.
        3. Click Set up Keyword to begin.
        4. Give your new keyword a memorable name relevant to the campaign you are looking to launch. For instance, if you are launching a shoe deals campaign, have your keyword be shoe-related, e.g., KICKS.
        5. Choose a keyword type and a subscriber list to which all new contacts will go.
        If the keyword you want to use is already in use by another store, you will be notified.

        6. After you complete the setup, you can test your keyword by sending it to one of the phone numbers in the grey field on the right, depending on your country. Remember that these are also the numbers shoppers will use to subscribe.

        7. Click on the Set up message button to continue.


        8. Finally, you can compose the welcome text message customers will receive after subscribing. Feel free to use the pre-written template, or make your text message more attention-grabbing and suitable for your brand. You can include a small discount to show gratitude to your new subscribers and prove they’ve made a good decision.

        If you wish, you can disable the welcome message from the toggle button on the top right.

        9. When you finish creating your message, click on the Activate Keyword button.

        Craft message

        Your keyword is active! You can share it anywhere you want. Add it to your email marketing campaigns, banners, or social media posts, and grow your subscriber list!

        As with all other advanced subscriber collection methods we offer, you can follow the performance of your Keywords in the Analytics section by simply clicking on the chart icon from the three dots menu in the Subscriber Collection Tools dashboard.


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