Adding a Loyalty Banner to Your Campaign

      Adding a Loyalty Banner to Your Campaign

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        Keep your Loyalty customers engaged by adding targeted banners with personalized messages based on their loyalty program status. Yotpo Email's composer allows you to add a Loyalty block to your campaign, which you can easily customize. 

        In this article, you'll learn how to add and edit a Loyalty banner in your email campaign.

        How it works

        The feature allows you to add a banner in your email tailored to each shopper's Loyalty status. This means you can customize the banner for every use case, whether you're looking to reward your most loyal shoppers or encourage new customers to join your program. For example, the banner for a non-loyalty member can have a different design and button then the banner for a VIP tier member. All this can be done with a few clicks.  

        Before you start

        To add a Loyalty banner to your email you need to have an active rewards program.

        Adding a Loyalty block to your email

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Campaigns > Email Templates.
        2. Choose the email template you'd like to add the banner to and click Edit Content in the Email Content section. 
        3. Click on the Content tab and expand the Blocks section. 
        4. Click and drag the Loyalty Personalization block into your layout.

        Customizing your Loyalty block

        Now you can customize the look and feel of the block to match your brand's tone and voice. Click on the block, and you'll see the following settings to the left:

        • Select a group - each recipient will receive a personalized banner based on their loyalty program status. You can have different-looking banners for each of the following groups:
          • Not signed up and has no points
          • Not signed up and has points
          • Loyalty members or different VIP tiers. VIP tiers are available only for Loyalty & Referrals Platinum or Enterprise plans.
        • Block settings - you can easily change the block orientation, add a background image and color, apply the design to all groups, or reset it to default. 
        • Sign-up button settings - you can add a sign-up button and change the link and design as you wish with the familiar Yotpo Email editor.
        • Redeem button settings - add a button that leads customers directly to their rewards page. If you want, you can change the link and edit its design.
        • Text editor - change the content to match your brand's voice. Add personalization tags to make your banner unique for every subscriber, including their point balance, VIP tier expiration date, and more. 

        Next steps

        Once you finish with the Loyalty block, you can continue designing your campaign or add a discount.

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