Adding Customer Reviews to Your Email

      Adding Customer Reviews to Your Email


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        Make your brand even more attractive by adding customer reviews to your emails. Thanks to Yotpo Email's simple and intuitive composer, you can easily add a Reviews block which you can customize and save to your content library.

        Before you start

        To add customer reviews, you will need to first collect product or site reviews. To learn how to start collecting reviews, see Boost Your Reviews Strategy with Review Request Flows.

        Adding a Customer Reviews block to your email

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Campaigns > Email Templates.
        2. Choose the email template you'd like to add the block to and click Edit Content in the Email Content section. 
        3. Click on the Content tab and expand the Blocks section. 
        4. Click and drag the Customer Reviews block into your layout.
        5. Choose the layout of the reviews. You can showcase them in a carousel or a list. 
        6. Select the reviews you wish to show off. You can select a minimum of 1 (3 for carousel view) and a maximum of 10 reviews and you can choose between product or site reviews. 
        Filter your reviews
        Choose your best reviews by quickly filtering them by type, star rating, review date, specific product, or user-generated media (available only in list view). You can even use the search bar to find a specific review.

        Customizing your Customer Reviews block

        Now that your customer reviews are in your email, you customize the look and feel of the block to match your brand identity. Click on the block and you'll see the following settings to the left:

        List settings

        • Reviews: Reorder, delete, or choose new reviews by clicking Manage reviews
        • Alignment: Define your review alignment for the entire block
        • Reviews card color: Define the background color of the block
        • Review block orientation: Define the orientation of your reviews
        • Border: Change or remove the border of the block
        • Reviews in a row (only in horizontal orientation): Define the number of reviews per row
        • Review card composition: Choose which of the following review elements will be displayed. (Each element can be customized by clicking on the arrow next to the toggle button):
          • Star rating
          • Review title
          • Testimonial
          • Reviewer name and date
          • User-generated media

        Carousel settings

        • Reviews: Reorder, delete, or choose new reviews by clicking Manage reviews
        • Background color: Define the background color of the block
        • Link: Redirect subscribers to a link when clicking on the carousel
        • Alternative text: Add a text that will appear when hovering over the carousel
        • Padding: Change the padding of the block

        Saving your Customer Reviews block to the content library

        Once you are done customizing your Customer Reviews block, you can save it as a template for your next campaigns. Hover over the block and click Save to library. You can later reuse that block and quickly add your best reviews to your email.

        Next steps

        Once you've set up the Customer Reviews block, you can continue designing your campaign or add a discount.

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