Adding Dynamic Content with Personalization Tags

      Adding Dynamic Content with Personalization Tags

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        Add dynamic and personalized content to your emails using personalization tags. With personalization tags, you can easily add details, like the customer’s name, store’s email, or a discount code directly to your email’s subject, preview text, or main message.

        Make it personal

        Personalized emails increase conversion rates, so why not add a personal touch to your emails. Greet your customer using their first name, or include their personal address in delivery details.

        Easy to manage

        Reuse personalization tags across templates, scheduled campaigns, and flows, so that content stays updated and relevant for future campaigns and for existing and new subscribers. So the next time you need to update your store’s phone number, you won’t have to update the number in all your scheduled campaigns and templates.

        How it works

        Personalization tags are predefined bits of code that you insert into your email’s subject line, preview text, or message body. When your campaign is sent out, the personalization tags get replaced with real data. The data, depending on the personalization tag, will be pulled in from subscriber details, Shopify store details, Yotpo Email settings, or other Yotpo apps if you’re using them in your store.


        To add a personal touch to your email, you can use the First name personalization tag in the email subject.

        Adding personalization tags

        You can add personalization tags to the email’s subject line, preview text, and message body.

        Adding personalization tags to the subject and preview fields

        To add a personalization tag to the email subject or preview text:

        1. Open a campaign to edit.
        2. In both the Email Content and Preview Text fields, you can click the tag icon to search for or choose personalization tags.

        Adding personalization tags to the email body

        To add a personalization tag to the email body:

        1. Open a campaign to edit.
        2. Select the relevant text component to edit.
        3. In the editor toolbar, open the Personalization tags dropdown, and search for, or select the personalization tag.

        Click here to see a list of available personalization tags.

        Testing personalization tags

        When you send yourself a test email, the personalization texts will appear as tags, because they will not pull in real data.

        List of personalization tags

        Please note:
        The tags available in your account may differ depending on the apps and integrations you have.
        Tag Name Description
        First nameCustomer's first name
        Last nameCustomer's last name
        Customer emailCustomer's email
        Mobile numberCustomer's mobile number
        Customer countryCustomer's country
        Customer country codeCustomer's country code
        Customer cityCustomer's city
        Customer zip codeCustomer's zip code
        Customer provinceCustomer's province
        Customer province codeCustomer's province code
        Customer main addressCustomer's main address
        Customer secondary addressCustomer's secondary address
        Customer full addressCustomer's full address
        Store nameStore's name
        Store URLStore's URL
        Store cityStore's city
        Store countryStore's country
        Store zip codeStore's zip code
        Store provinceStore's province 
        Store main addressStore's main address
        Store secondary addressStore's secondary address
        Store full addressStore's full address
        Loyalty points balanceCustomer's number of Loyalty points
        Loyalty points earnedCustomer's number of Loyalty points earned since joining the program

        Loyalty points needed

        Amount of points needed to reach the next VIP tier

        Loyalty VIP tierCustomer's Loyalty tier

        Loyalty VIP tier expiration

        The expiration date of the customer's current VIP tier

        Loyalty points expirationDate on which the customer's points will expire
        Loyalty last redeemedLast time the customer redeemed points
        Loyalty credit balance

        The current credit balance for the customer

        Purchases needed

        Number of purchases required to reach the next VIP tier

        Spend needed

        Amount of money required to spend to reach the next VIP tier

        Referrals needed

        Number of completed referrals required to reach the next VIP tier

        Unsubscribe linkable textA textual link to "unsubscribe"
        Unsubscribe URLThe URL to unsubscribe
        CustomPersonalization tags you have added based on custom profile properties

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