Adding Product Recommendations to Your Email

      Adding Product Recommendations to Your Email

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        Yotpo Email’s advanced algorithms and data analysis use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to show each customer highly personalized product recommendations, as well as best sellers, new arrivals, and more. To make sure your recommendations are on target, you can fine-tune them by including or excluding certain products.

        You can use the Product Recommendations block in campaigns and flows. We recommend adding it to upsell flows so customers who purchased a product in the past can automatically get an email with product recommendations tailored specially for them.

        Adding the Product Recommendations block

        To add recommended products to your email:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Campaigns > My Campaigns.
        2. Click Create campaign.
        3. Select Email and click Create to set up your campaign. To learn more about email campaigns, see Creating an Email Marketing Campaign.
        4. From Blocks in the email editor, drag the Product Recommendations block into your email.
        5. Choose a recommendation type with which to target your customers so they see the products that are best suited for them.
        6. Turn on the toggle next to Customize recommendations to create rule-based filters to refine the product selection in your email:
          1. Click Create filter and in the modal that appears, enter the filter’s name.
          2. Add the filter’s rules. There are five types of rules (Collection, Tag, Product, Price, and Stock level) and each can be used in a filter only once.
        7. Click Save and apply to email to complete the setup. You will see a summary of the newly created filter in the Email editor.
        Please note:
        You can add more than one Product Recommendations block per email and each block can have a different filter.

        Next steps

        Complete the design of the product recommendations in the block’s settings. The Product Recommendations block offers the same customization options as the Products block. As an additional setting, you can Exclude recent purchases made by the customer. 

        Once you’ve finished customizing your Product Recommendations block, you can continue designing or send a test email. To learn more about designing emails, see Designing Your Email.

        Please note:
        If you select the Personalized recommendations type, the products displayed in test emails may differ from the actual recommendations which are based on each customer’s profile.

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