Adding Product Recommendations to Your Email

      Adding Product Recommendations to Your Email

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        Add product recommendations to your email, and show your customers the products they want to see. You can show products based on advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), which uses Yotpo Email’s advanced algorithms and data analysis to show each customer, personalized recommendations specifically chosen for them. You can also show products based on a specific recommendation category, such as best-selling, most-liked, or most-reviewed products.You can use the Product Recommendations block in individual campaigns, as well as in automated flows. We recommend adding the Product Recommendation block to upsell flows, that way customers who purchased a product in the past will automatically get an email with product recommendations tailored specially for them.

        Adding the Product Recommendation block

        To add recommended products to your email:

        1. From Blocks in the email editor, drag the Product Recommendations block into your email.
        2. Choose a recommendation type with which to target your customers, so that they get the products best suited for them.
        3. Customize your product recommendations in the block settings.

        The Product recommendations block includes the same options as in the Products block. Learn more

        An additional setting in the Recommended products block is:

        • Exclude past purchases - Select this option to exclude past purchases by the customer.
        Please note:
        Test emails will not include actual products.

        Next steps

        Once you’ve finished customizing your Product Recommendations block, you can continue designing or test your email.

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