Adding Products to a Product Album

      Adding Products to a Product Album

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        Tag products in your visual content to automatically show them off in your Product Gallery widget on the relevant product page. When a product is tagged to a photo, it's automatically added to the product's Product Album.

        In this article, you'll learn how to add products to a product album by using tags.

        How it works

        Tag products within user-generated photos and videos to add them to product albums. When you're ready, create a Product Gallery and add the code snippet to your product page template. 

        • You can tag a maximum of 8 products to each photo.
        • Products on your blocklist will not appear in product tagging. Tagged images that are associated with blocklisted products will not disappear and continue to display on site.
        • It is not possible to manually assign Product Galleries to certain product albums. Product Galleries are automatically associated with Product Albums created when tagging a product in a user-generated video or photo.

        Turning on AI-powered suggestions

        Save time by letting us generate AI-powered tag suggestions for your products. When you turn on this feature, we’ll analyze your product catalog and match your products with your images from Instagram. You’ll see our suggestions when you go to tag your products.

        To turn on suggestions, just click Get suggestions from the banner at the top of the page. It may take us a few hours to generate tag suggestions. We'll send you an email when we’re done.

        Available for
        Yotpo Visual UGC Premium and Enterprise plans

        Adding products to a product album

        To add products, do the following:

        1. Click the tag icon.
        2. Search for a product to tag. Use the All Products tab to search all products, or use the Suggestions tab to view suggestions provided by advanced image recognition technology.
          Not seeing tag suggestions?
          Remember to turn on AI-powered suggestions. See above.
        3. Click a product to tag it. To enlarge the image, just hover over it.
        4. Click Done.

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