Adding Products to Your Blocklist

      Adding Products to Your Blocklist

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        Sometimes you may not want to generate reviews for products in your catalog, for example, to focus on relevant products or to optimize the use of your allocated review requests. Use the product blocklist to change the status at any time, without adding or removing products from your catalog.

        Use cases include:

        • Sample products
        • Out-of-stock or discontinued product
        • Pre-orders 
        • Seasonal products
        • New product IDs

        What happens when you add a product to the blocklist?

        Scheduled review request for products on your blocklist:

        Scheduled automatic review request emails for blocklisted products that have been purchased before the item was added to the blocklist will not be sent out.

        Targeted Product Review Requests can be sent out even if a product is on your blocklist. You can use this feature if you want to collect reviews for a product that is temporarily out of stock.

        Adding a product to your blocklist

        Shopify users:
        To learn more about how to easily add products to your blocklist, see Shopify: Automatic Product Catalog Sync.
        Adobe Commerce users:

        You can add products to your blocklist through your Adobe Commerce admin. If you are managing your blocklist in Adobe Commerce, do not upload manually as this could cause a conflict.

        You can also add specific email addresses to a blocklist. To block an email address from receiving automatic review request emails, follow the instructions in Email Settings.

        Adding grouped products to your blocklist

        Reviews for products on your blocklist will show in grouped products, but only those reviews that were collected prior to adding the product to the blocklist. The link for the product on the blocklist, however, will not be clickable.

        New reviews for products on your blocklist will not appear for any of the grouped products. New reviews for other products in the group will likewise not appear on the product on your blocklist.

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