Adobe Commerce 2 Extension Security Enhancement

      Adobe Commerce 2 Extension Security Enhancement

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        The extension offers a built-in security measure that adds another level of scrutiny before displaying sensitive information to shoppers.

        When a customer logs into your store, our modules create a special token using the logged-in customer’s email address and your store’s API key. If a token is sent to our system and is confirmed, we will show the full customer data. This includes perks, VIP tiers, point balance, etc.

        This allows our system to recognize users and protect their account details from potential hackers.
        If a token is sent and our system is unable to verify it, an authorization error will be triggered and no details will be displayed.

        If a user who isn’t logged in is using the modules, no token will be sent. This means that only partial data will be displayed: customer ID, merchant ID, customer email, referral details.

        Please note:
        This enhancement will be added automatically to your modules unless you have implemented custom CSS. 

        If you added custom CSS to your modules, please reach out to your Yotpo representative so they can help you upgrade your module version.

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