Adobe Commerce 2: Setting Up Past Automatic Review Request

      Adobe Commerce 2: Setting Up Past Automatic Review Request

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        Generating past orders for Adobe Commerce 2 (previously Magento) users is an easy process. Log in to your Adobe Commerce Admin Panel and follow these instructions:

        1. Go to Stores.
        2. Click on Configuration.

        1. Select the relevant shop under Store View:

        1. Choose the Yotpo tab.

        1. Fill in the relevant details.
        Please note:
        If you're using Adobe Commerce 2.2 and above, you can choose the desired time frame for pulling past orders

        1. Click the Save Config button at the top right corner of the screen.

        Please note:

        Yotpo sends out Automatic Review Request emails to your past customers immediately after you activate the feature.

        Make sure you customize the Automatic Review Request email template before activating it.

        If you don't wish for Automatic Review Requests to be sent out to your past customers, only to future ones, please contact our support team.

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