Authenticate Yotpo Emails on your Domain - Adding CNAME Records

      Authenticate Yotpo Emails on your Domain - Adding CNAME Records

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        What is Domain Authentication?

        Domain authentication shows email providers that SendGrid (Yotpo’s email provider) has permission to send emails on your behalf. To give SendGrid permission, you point DNS entries from your DNS provider (like GoDaddy, Rackspace, or Cloudflare) to SendGrid.

        Even though this is a small change from your recipient’s perspective, this change has a huge positive impact on your reputation as a sender and your email deliverability. Email service providers distrust messages that don’t have domain authentication set up because they can not be sure that the message comes from you. Explicitly stating that it comes from you increases your reputation with email service providers which makes it much less likely that they will filter your email and not allow it to get to your recipient’s inbox, which increases your deliverability. You are also explicitly showing your recipients that this email comes from you, so they are less likely to mark your mail as spam.

        What are CNAME Records?

        The CNAME record creates an alias for your domain (‘From name’) and points to Yotpo's email provider (SendGrid). This will also be what your messages are signed by, so your recipients will be able to see what you have chosen for your CNAME.

        How to configure DNS records with Yotpo

        To get CNAME records for your domain, please contact Yotpo Reviews Support or Yotpo Loyalty Support in order to receive the relevant records that you will need to add to your domain management system. 

        Please provide the required domain name in your request and make sure that it is the exact same one as it appears in the email settings section of Yotpo Reviews and/or Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals.

        Please note:
        If you have already added CNAME records for another app that uses SendGrid, you will need to add a slightly different records structure. Please notify our support team in your initial comment so we can provide you with the right values.

        We’ll provide you with records similar to the example below, which you then copy-paste into your DNS provider:


        The Host and Value are generated per domain and are unique per domain.

        After adding the relevant records, please reach back to Yotpo support so we can validate it on our end, and thus complete this process.

        Finding your DNS records

        You can update your DNS records wherever you register or manage your domain names.

        The process of adding DNS records will depend on what domain provider you are using. Below are links to documentation for some common providers:

        Not all domain registration services will allow you to add/edit all DNS records -  if you cannot update the records above, contact your DNS provider for information on how to update these records.

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