Activating Automated Domain Warm-up

      Activating Automated Domain Warm-up

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        After you add a new and authenticated sending subdomain, it’s necessary to warm up the infrastructure. The warm-up requires sending fewer emails to highly engaged audiences right after adding the new sending domain, gradually increasing the volume and relaxing the engagement constraints over a period of time.

        Yotpo Email’s automated domain warm-up process eliminates the need for manual segmentation and campaign adjustments. You can simply send your campaigns as usual, and our system will manage the warm-up process in the background. 

        In this article, you’ll learn how to enable and use the automated domain warm-up.

        Available for:
        Merchants who have completed domain authentication and meet the eligibility criteria based on their subscriber data.
        To qualify for eligibility, we recommend avoiding sending emails to your entire subscriber list and instead, segment your campaigns. This can help boost your email engagement levels, required for automated warm-up.

        How it works

        Yotpo Email's automated warm-up takes care of gradually increasing your email sending volume and relaxing engagement constraints without requiring manual intervention. During warm-up, some emails will be sent from your brand domain and others from a Yotpo domain. It starts by sending a limited number of emails to highly engaged recipients, ensuring positive interactions and inbox placement. Over time, as your domain's reputation strengthens, the system automatically scales up your sending volume while maintaining a watchful eye on engagement metrics. To maximize your deliverability rates, we’ll skip any unengaged contacts.

        What is expected from me as a sender?

        Throughout the automated warm-up phase, simply continue sending your email campaigns as usual. We suggest sending a minimum of 3 campaigns per week and limiting it to just 1 campaign per day for optimal results.

        How long will it take?

        The automated warm-up period can vary depending on your sending pattern, subscriber count, and your email engagement rates. Generally, it can take a few weeks for the warm-up process to complete. Sending campaigns regularly and consistently throughout the warm-up period will ensure that it does not exceed the estimated duration. You can find the estimated duration either on the activation modal or the progress bar in the settings.

        Activating automated warm-up

        The first and most common way to activate the automated warm-up process is right after you’ve authenticated your domain. You’ll be presented with a pop-up prompting you to get started with the warm-up process.

        1. Click on the Get started button.
        2. Choose the Automated warm-up option.
        3. Carefully read the information given in the next step of the modal so you understand the process and how long it will take for you. When you are ready, click on Activate automated-warm up.
        4. From the success message, click on Back to email settings, where you can track your warm-up progress at any time.


        If you decide to quit at any step of the way, you can activate automated warm-up later by going to your Settings > Email settings > Automated warm-up > Activate or by clicking on the message that will appear in your email campaign editor.

        If you choose not to activate automated warm-up, you will need to warm up your domain manually.

        If you decide to warm up your domain manually, you can activate automated warm-up before sending your second campaign. From the third campaign onward, automated warm-up will not be available.

        Sending campaigns during warm-up

        Once you have activated automated warm-up, continue sending your email campaigns as usual. We recommend you send at least 3 campaigns each week and no more than 1 campaign each day.

        You can track the progress in the Email settings > Automated warm-up. There, you’ll see the number of remaining campaigns to fully warm up your domain. You can easily access this information whenever you set up a new campaign by clicking the warm-up message in the audience section.

        Please note:
        The number of warm-up campaigns may change based on the volume of emails you send per campaign and the number of your subscribers.

        Turning off automated warm-up

        If you decide to deactivate the automated warm-up process, you can do so from the Email settings > Automated warm-up > Turn off automated warm-up. Once you turn off the automated warm-up you won’t be able to turn it on again and you will have to warm up your domain manually.

        Next steps

        Once the warm-up process is completed, it's crucial to maintain a high domain reputation. Learn more about email deliverability best practices.

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