Bazaarvoice - Integration Guide

      Bazaarvoice - Integration Guide

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        Premium, Enterprise

        eCommerce Platform

        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

        Syndicate your product reviews and visual user-generated content to the Bazaarvoice retailer network. With the integration between Yotpo and Bazaarvoice, you can amplify the impact of your most influential content by seamlessly syndicating Yotpo reviews and visual UGC to your retail channels via the Bazaarvoice Network.

        How it works

        This integration syndicates your product reviews from Yotpo to Bazaarvoice.

        The workflow is as follows:

        1. A shopper submits a product review through your Yotpo-powered post purchase emails.
        2. The product and its associated reviews are sent to Bazaarvoice for approval, regardless of the moderation status in Yotpo. 
        3. Bazaarvoice identifies the product using the GTIN you assigned to it in Yotpo (UPC, EAN or ISBN). The matching and approval process may take up to 4 weeks, depending on the number of reviews. Learn more about updating GTINs in Yotpo below
        4. The moderated reviews are picked up by the retailers for their approval. The time frame for showing the reviews on site may vary depending on the retailer.
        Please note:
        Each retailer reserves the right to accept and reject reviews based on their own moderation policies. Yotpo does not filter out reviews sent for Retail Syndication, the moderation process is done by Bazaarvoice following each retailer's moderation guidelines. For example, reviews referring to shipping or the original merchant are not accepted due to the lack of relevance to the retail shopper.

        Before you start

        Before you start using Bazaarvoice syndication, you’ll first need the following:

        “Distribution Only” agreement with Bazaarvoice

        To get a Distribution Only quote from Bazaarvoice, fill out this form and inform your main points of contact at Yotpo.

        Add product identifiers to Yotpo product catalog

        Ensure each relevant product in your Yotpo product catalog has a UPC, ISBN, or EAN. To add this information, you’ll need to add custom fields to your catalog. Usually, we’ll pull these details automatically to Yotpo.

        See platform-specific details below:

        Getting started

        To start using Bazaarvoice syndication, contact your Yotpo Customer Success Manager. If you don't have one, please contact Yotpo Support.

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