BigCommerce: Fixing Invalid Credentials

      BigCommerce: Fixing Invalid Credentials

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        If the following message appears in the notification area of your Yotpo Account, this means your Yotpo account is no longer connected to your BigCommerce shop:

        Required checks

        Complete the following checks to ensure your account is set up correctly:

        • Verify that the platform is set to BigCommerce
        • Verify that the shop domain is the internal domain. You can see this domain in the address bar of the BigCommerce backend.

        Please note:

        In your Yotpo Reviews admin, the shop domain will not include the https:// prefix and / suffix.

        • Check that the BigCommerce Owner email address is identical to the email address in your Yotpo admin:
          1. In your BigCommerce Admin, go to Account Settings.
          2. Click Users.
          3. Make sure that the BigCommerce store Owner and the Yotpo account Admin are set with the same email address.

        Fixing the credentials

        If you've verified that the setup is correct, please do the following to fix the store credentials:

        1. Click the error message in the notification area of your Yotpo account. You’ll see the following message:
        2. Open your BigCommerce Admin in a separate tab.

        In your BigCommerce admin:

        1. Go to Apps.
        2. Click My Apps.
        3. Uninstall Yotpo Reviews.
        4. Go to Market Place.
        5. Search for Yotpo.
        6. Re-install the Yotpo Product Reviews App.

        In Your Yotpo Reviews admin:

        1. Click Integrations.
        2. Click Bigcommerce
          • The following message will appear confirming that your credentials have been fixed:
        The issue wasn't fixed?
        Please contact Yotpo's Support Team and kindly include your BigCommerce account credentials for further assistance.

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