Email Pricing and Billing

      Email Pricing and Billing

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        Yotpo Email’s pricing is fully transparent and 100% focused on your growing brand. That's why we’ve decided to provide you with a detailed breakdown of our pricing model, so that you’ll have full visibility into the billing process of your email program.  

        From the word go, with Yotpo Email you get full access to all email marketing features, which include our library of top-converting email templates, easy-to-use drag & drop email editor, and powerful automations to seamlessly engage with your audience and drive sales to your online store.

        On top of all that, you can send emails to an unlimited number of contacts, so you can grow your brand quickly and yet cost-effectively

        Sent emailsPrice per 1,000 emails
        0 to 10,000$0.00
        10,000 to 100,000$1.50
        100,000 to 1,000,000$1.00
        1,000,000 to 5,000,000$0.55
        5,000,000 to 10,000,000$0.45
        Please note:
        All test emails are sent for free.


        Example 1

        You send 11,500 emails in the course of 1 billing cycle.
        You will be billed as follows:

        Number of sent emailsCost per 1,000 emailsTotal cost
        11,500 total emails

        Example 2

        You send 9,000,000 emails in the course of 1 billing cycle.
        You will be billed as follows:

        Number of sent emailsCost per 1,000 emailsTotal cost
        9,000,000 total emails

        Billing cycle

        A billing cycle, or billing period, is the period between the last billing statement closing date and the next. In Yotpo Email, the cycle renews every month. When it comes to email, if you are on an Yotpo Email paid plan or have enabled Auto reload, the email billing cycle will be aligned with your existing one. If you are on a free plan and have not enabled Auto reload, a new billing cycle will be generated.

        Keep in mind that unused email quotas in a billing period won’t be transferred to the next billing period.

        For example, if you send your first email campaign on January 15th, you will be able to send up to 10,000 free emails until February 14th. If you send 11,000 emails between January 15th and February 14th, you will be billed for 1,000 emails. And on February 15th, you will be able to send another 10,000 emails for free.

        Usage fees in Yotpo Email

        You can see a monthly breakdown of your usage and your next bill in the Billing section.

        Here you can see how many emails you’ve sent in the current billing cycle, and an estimate of how much you’ll be charged in your next bill.

        Estimated email costs in analytics

        You can see the estimated costs of your Yotpo Email email program in the following analytics pages:

        • Overview - Total spent (combined estimate for SMS and email)
        • Overview - Revenue sources (Spent and ROI columns)
        • Campaign Analytics - Campaign Cost
        • Flow Analytics - Cost

        Costs are estimates, calculated as $0.001 per email without taking into consideration the 10,000 free emails you get in each billing cycle.

        Need help with pricing or billing?

        Contact one of our Yotpo SMS & Email specialists

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