Bold Commerce - Integration Guide for Reviews

      Bold Commerce - Integration Guide for Reviews

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        Add your best product reviews to your upsell popups and convert more customers with social proof by leveraging Yotpo's integration with Bold.

        About Bold Commerce

        Bold isn't just another eCommerce solutions provider. We're a team of 200 professionals who live and breathe eCommerce. We empower over 100,000 customers and are trusted by global brands like Zippo, Microsoft, Google, NFL, NBA and Procter & Gamble to help take their businesses to the next level.

        Integrating Yotpo and Bold Commerce Product Upsells

        Integrate Yotpo with Product Upsells to allow customers to see reviews on both upsells and cross-sells, whether they add another product to the cart or if they upgrade to a better product. Since the customer has already showed interest in and clicked on the product, reviews can seal the deal by providing reassurance that other customers loved the product. This simple tactic increases conversions and maximizes sales potential.

        To integrate Yotpo and Bold Commerce Product Upsells:

        1. Install the Yotpo app.
        2. From the Shopify Admin, select Apps.
        3. Click Product Upsell.
        4. Click Settings.
        5. Click Upsell Settings.
        6. Scroll down to Yotpo Settings and select Show the Yotpo star rating for offered products and turn them into sales.
        7. Click Save.
        8. That's it - you're all set!

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