Scheduling an Earning Rule

      Scheduling an Earning Rule

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        If you're looking to run a special promotion for a limited period of time, you can use the earning rule scheduling (previously known as campaign scheduling) feature to set it up.

        This feature is great for getting customers to make that additional purchase by offering exclusive rewards customers can only get if they act during this specific period of time

        How to schedule an Earning Rule

        Scheduling a one-time future promotion is great for when you're marketing a special weekend, weekday, or holiday event to encourage shoppers to engage with your loyalty program.

        Set up your weekend promotion on a Monday, and use the rest of the week to spread the word about the amazing rewards your customers can receive for shopping on this particular coming weekend!

        1. Create an earning rule.
        2. In the earning rule settings page, select when you'd like your campaign to Start:
          1. Immediately - the campaign will begin immediately after you save changes
          2. Date - select any date & time in the future that you'd like the campaign to begin at

        Timezone Settings

        By default, your Yotpo Loyalty admin will be set to UTC. To change your timezone, head to the Settings section of your admin

        1. Select when you'd like your campaign to End:
          • Never - the campaign will run indefinitely
          • Date - select any date & time in the future that you'd like the campaign to end at
        2. Save your changes.

        The dates that you scheduled your earning rule to be activated on will appear on the relevant earning rule card on the main Earning Rules page.

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