Cohley - Integration Guide

      Cohley - Integration Guide

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        Visual UGC
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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

        Yotpo's powerful integration with the Cohley content platform enables brands access to high quality third-party creators, product samplers & influencers, giving them a library of diverse, actionable content they can feature in Yotpo-powered visual galleries and review widgets. 

        Cohley can help merchants reach new customers, grow their brand and increase UGC coverage on their website and other sales and marketing channels. With relevant and authentic user-generated content across the buyer journey, shoppers are more likely to convert — and more likely to come back.

        About Cohley

        Cohley is a content generation platform that gives brands like Harry's, Adore Me, Rhone, and OLLY a better way to generate marketing assets and elevate their performance across digital channels. The featured content ranges from UGC by all types of influencers, professional photography, video, and text reviews, empowering brands to drive conversion. Cohley helps brands stay relevant and stand out in a sea of clutter with thumb-stopping visuals for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Google, and more.

        Reviews integration

        The integration between Yotpo Reviews and Cohley automates the process of sending product reviews generated on Cohley directly to their Yotpo admin & PDPs. Brands can scale review generation quickly and cost effectively with the Yotpo Cohley integration, whether they are looking to launch new products with strong social proof or increase the coverage of reviews on-site.

        Visual UGC integration

        The integration between Yotpo Visual UGC and Cohley enables brands to get access to high-quality third-party content creators & influencers, giving them a library of diverse, actionable content they can feature in Yotpo-powered visual galleries

        Brands that generate assets with Cohley can then easily tag and feed them into the Yotpo visual marketing curation Admin to be published to galleries onsite without having to search and tag them on two separate platforms. This integration helps brands ensure every visual gallery on their site, including product page galleries, are full of inspiring, authentic content that converts.

        Using Shopify?
        If you are using Shopify as your eCommerce platform, you will have the ability to auto-tag photos/videos!
        Please note that the auto-tagging is restricted to one product per photo/video.

        Before you begin

        In order to connect Yotpo to your Cohley account, you’ll need the following details:

        You must also reach out to your Yotpo CSM or Yotpo Support so that they can enable the ‘Trusted Vendor’ and ‘Order MetaData’ features for you. If you don’t enable these features according to the pre-defined settings with Cohley, your reviews will not be syndicated.

        Setting up the integration

        Send your app key and secret key values to your Cohley representative or the Cohley support team ( so they can set up the integration on your behalf. Please note that by sharing your secret key with the partner, you’re giving them read and write access to your Yotpo data.Once the integration is enabled, you will see a button to send your content to Yotpo after accepting a photo or video in a campaign:

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact Cohley support at

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