Collecting Emails with Yotpo SMS & Email Subscription Forms

      Collecting Emails with Yotpo SMS & Email Subscription Forms

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        You can now use our native popups, embedded forms, and floating buttons to collect both phone numbers and emails. Moreover, if you have integrated SMS & Email with Klaviyo, these contact details will be automatically synced to your Klaviyo account. Let’s take a quick look at how you can set up your subscription form to invite site visitors to leave their phone numbers and email.

        Enable popup email collection

        Let's say you are looking to launch a popup that will collect both emails and numbers. 

        1. In your SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Subscriber Collection Tools.
        2. Under the Popup card, click Set it up.

        The first three fields of the popup editor are where you can customize your subscription form - anything from background, color, font size, and weight, to color of buttons, call-to-action and other content. If you are interested to see how to build the perfect popup from scratch, check out our article. The tabs of interest to us when it comes to email and phone number collection are located in the Fields section: Phone field and Email field.

        With Yotpo SMS & Email, you can collect phone numbers and email addresses with a single popup. You can choose to collect both or either:However, the email-only subscription option is only available for those of you, who have enabled the SMSBump - Klaviyo integration. If you choose to disable the integration, the phone number collection will become once again mandatory.

        You might have noticed already that we have 3 types of popups: 1-step, 2-step and 3-step forms. Let us show you how to collect emails with all three options:

        Collect emails with a 1-step (mobile) form

        This is probably the easiest option. Under Themes choose from all available 1-step forms.

        After you customize the Layout and the Button field, click on Additional fields to set up the subscription options:

        If you want to collect emails as well, simply Enable the second option (Ask for email after quick subscribe). All you need to do next is to customize the text or email messages your new subscribers will receive, once they tap on the popup.

        Collect emails with a 2-step form

        With 2-step forms you can add the email collection box by simply enabling the Email field.

        You can choose to make it Mandatory or customize colors of the field and text, font size, border setting etc.

        Collect emails with a 3-step form

        3-step forms allow you to have a separate step for email collection. And here is how a sample 3-step popup works:

        Step 1: collect email

        Step 2: collect phone number

        Step 3: Thank-you message

        As with 2-step popups you get to customize email collection box under Email field.

        In regards to collecting email with the other two subscription forms - floating button and embedded form: the process is absolutely identical, the steps you need to complete are the same, and so is the functionality of the feature.

        Remember: no matter what opt-in form you want to use to collect email subscribers with Yotpo SMS & Email, all email addresses you gather will automatically be transferred to a dedicated list in your Klaviyo account, given you have the integration up and running.

        Start collecting emails using the most direct and personal communication channel - SMS. Engage with current and future customers in the most convenient way, and build an effective omnichannel marketing strategy that will help you reach them on multiple streams, but on the same device: their phones.

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