Collecting Reviews for Multiple Products

      Collecting Reviews for Multiple Products

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        Yotpo lets you collect reviews for multiple products with just one email. This means that shoppers can effortlessly review all of the products they purchased within the same order. Learn more in the Yotpo blog.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to customize the multiple-product review form.

        How it works

        Your first review is collected directly from your customer's inbox, leveraging our high-converting in-mail form. Once the initial review is submitted, the multiple-product form automatically kicks in and the shopper is prompted to submit reviews for all remaining products via a seamless data-driven experience.

        Please note that this feature is available only for automatic review request emails, and not for manual review request emails.

        Getting started

        This feature is enabled by default on your account.

        Please note:
        If you've made HTML customizations to your Yotpo landing pages, some additional customizations may be required. Please refer to the relevant FAQs below for more info.

        Customizing the multiple-product review form

        You can customize various elements of the form.

        Customizing email settings

        To upload your store logo/profile picture:

        1. Go to Collect Reviews > Email Settings.
        2. Click General Settings.
        3. Make the relevant changes.

        To customize your text alignment, font, size, and colors:

        1. Go to Collect Reviews > Email Settings.
        2. Click Look & Feel.
        3. Make the relevant changes.

        Customizing review request settings

        Go to Collect Reviews > Automatic Review Requests.

        You can customize the following:

        • Show/hide product photos
        • Define the order in which products are presented within the form
        • Select how much time you want to pass between each review request
        • Select the maximum number of emails that you send per order

        Advanced customizations

        You can also make more advanced customizations using the Landing Page Editor.


        What if my automatic review requests are customized through Yotpo's Landing Page Editor?

        If you've used Yotpo's landing page editor to customize your landing pages, you'll need to reset your landing page templates in order to use the multiple-product review form.

        1. Back up your existing HTML customizations by copying and pasting them in a safe place.
        2. Click Reset all customizations in the lower left-hand corner of the Landing Page Template Editor. 
        3. After resetting your templates, make sure to preview them and ensure that they still appear as you desire. Note that some additional modification may be required to accommodate multiple-product elements. 
        How many products can appear in the multiple-product review form?

        By default, the multiple-product review form displays up to 9 products. If you'd like to change that, please reach out to our support team

        How does this affect my analytics dashboards?
        • The Reviews Dashboard represents reviews from single product orders as automatic review requests and reviews from the multiple-product review form as multiple-product review requests.
        • The Conversion Dashboard will display a conversion if at least one product is reviewed via the multiple-product review form. 
        Can I limit the number of coupons in an email?

        Currently, there is no way to limit the number of coupons. Yotpo will send a coupon email for every product reviewed. As such, a shopper who reviews multiple products will receive multiple coupons.

        Can I limit the amount of coupons in an email?

        Currently, there is no way to limit the amount of coupons. Yotpo will send a coupon email for every product reviewed. As such, a shopper who reviews multiple products will receive multiple coupons.

        In what order are products displayed?

        Products are displayed according to your settings.

        If you're on a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can opt to display the Most Expensive products, or the Least Reviewed products first.

        What about my reminder emails? When are they sent and how many reminders will my customers receive?

        Once a product is reviewed from within the multiple-product form, no further reminder emails will be sent for the reviewed product.

        So for example, if your customer ordered 3 products within the same order, your first automatic review request email will go out at the time designated in your review request settings.

        • If the shopper reviews all 3 products, no further emails will be sent.
        • If the shopper ignores the review requests altogether, a reminder request will be sent for the first product of the order according to the time you defined in your reminder/follow-up email settings.
        • If a shopper reviews 1 of 3 products, review request emails will still go out for the 2nd and 3rd products.

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