Configuring the ''Added to Cart'' Trigger Settings

      Configuring the ''Added to Cart'' Trigger Settings

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        The Added to Cart flow reminds customers about items they left in their cart and encourages them to complete their purchase. This simple nudge can significantly increase sales by encouraging customers to revisit and finalize their shopping.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to set up the “Added to cart” trigger settings.

        How it works

        When a customer adds a product to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase within a specified time, the Added to Cart flow is triggered, and the customer receives a notification by SMS or email to finalize their order. Notifications are sent only to customers who have agreed to receive marketing messages.


        The Added to Cart flow will only work if you have a web pixel installed. Web pixels are pieces of code embedded in web pages that help you track your customers’ behavior on your site. To learn how to install a web pixel, see Yotpo SMS & Email Web Pixel Installation Guide for Shopify Hydrogen 2.

        Configuring the “Added to cart” trigger settings

        To configure the ”Added to cart” trigger settings:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Flows > My Flows and click Create flow.

        2. Select the “Added to cart” trigger from the list of triggers.

        3. In the Default Trigger Options section, define how often the flow will be triggered. To learn more, see Setting the Frequency of Your Flows.

        Adding shortcodes and personalization tags to messages

        After configuring the trigger settings, you can start adding steps to the flow’s structure. When you select the type of messages to send to your customers, you can include shortcodes and personalization tags in them to enhance their experience in the flow. Shortcodes and personalization tags add dynamic, personalized content to your messages, such as the customer’s name, the store’s email, or a discount code. Shortcodes are used in text messages, while personalization tags serve the same purpose in emails. Cart URL and Preloaded Cart URL are specifically created for the “Added to cart” trigger.

        When clicked, they generate a link that takes the customer to the store's cart page:

        • If you select Cart URL, the customer will see their cart as it was in the last session on their device. This means the cart might be empty or contain different products from when the flow was triggered.

        • If you select Preloaded Cart URL, the customer will see their cart preloaded with the products that were added when the flow was triggered

        When you’re ready with the flow’s customization, click Save. Your flow will be available from the My Flows page, where you can access its analytics page, change its status, duplicate it, etc.


        The easiest way to create an Added to Cart flow is to use a template and customize it the way you want. You can find all available templates on the Flow Templates page.

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