Crafting Text Messages With the AI Copy Assistant

      Crafting Text Messages With the AI Copy Assistant

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        Create text messages with ease and save time using our AI Copy Assistant.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to quickly generate text messages for your SMS campaigns.

        How it works

        You can select a topic like a holiday or discount offer and write a short prompt with a tone that fits your brand. Our AI Copy Assistant takes it from there, crafting as many messages as you want. Once you've generated messages and closed the AI Copy Assistant, you can reopen it at any time within the same session, and your previously crafted messages will still be there.

        It's a simple and efficient way to quickly create personalized content for various purposes.

        Using the AI Copy Assistant

        To generate a text message with the AI Copy Assistant:

        1. Start by creating a new SMS campaign.
        2. Go to the Text message section and click on AI Copy Assistant.
        3. Select a Topic.
        4. Write the keywords or phrases you want to include in your message, i.e., black Friday, discount, shoe sale. 
        5. Optionally you can select the tone of voice, the type of discount you are offering in the campaign, and how time-sensitive the message should sound (like a deal ending at midnight).
        6. Click Generate messages.
        7. Select the message you like, or click Generate more messages.
        8. Once you have selected a message, click on Use message.

        Next steps

        Once you’ve added your AI-generated message, you can continue setting up your campaign.

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