Creating a Loyalty Test Customer

      Creating a Loyalty Test Customer

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        You can create a test customer for yourself if you want to learn how your customers are experiencing your loyalty program firsthand. This allows you to go through your program before exposing it on-site. You can also use it when your program is live to see if any issues need to be addressed.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to create and manage your test customer account.

        Creating a test customer

        As a first step, you will need to create a test customer account with your store. This is a fake customer created by you to test the Loyalty program before and after launching it.

        Test customers are different from real customers as they can participate in the Loyalty program even when the program is inactive, without being included in any of the loyalty reports.

        Go to your store's account creation page and create a customer who has a “+yotpotest” suffix in the email address’s username, before the “@”. For example,

        You can create as many test accounts as you want by adding any character/s after the suffix. Each email address with “+yotpotest” will be seen as a test account. This way, you can receive all the triggered emails in the same email inbox and make sure everything works properly.

        The test customer allows you to:

        • Create test accounts to simulate and test how a real customer will engage with the program once live
        • Easily identify test accounts and perform actions or tasks
        • Collect Shopify and Loyalty data on test customers
        • Collect only Shopify data on real customers without needing to clear Loyalty data before activating the program
        • Trigger ESP events and receive emails

        Any task performed by a test customer that can generate loyalty data will be collected and shown in Yotpo and generate events accordingly.

        • If a new test customer creates an account, they will receive a reward and the data will be shown on the customer's profile page.
        • If a test customer makes a purchase that will also make them enter a VIP tier:
          • They will receive points
          • They will enter a VIP tier
          • They will receive an email for entering the tier
        Please note:
        Every test customer will be excluded from Loyalty & Referrals reports by default.

        You'll be able to identify test customers on your Customers page as they will have a badge that indicates that this profile is of a test account.

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