Creating a Segment

      Creating a Segment

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        Segments are groups of customers that are defined by one or more conditions. Customers are added when they meet the conditions of the segment, and removed if they no longer meet them. Segments are calculated in real-time so that you always see the customers meeting the conditions at that point in time.

        Predefined segments

        To help get you started, we’ve created predefined segments for some of the most common use cases. You can access these predefined segments in your Lists & Segments management page.

        Please note:
        If you don’t have all of the Yotpo products yet, some predefined segments may not be available to you.
        Segment nameDescriptionConditions
        Top spendersYour most valuable customers
        • Has placed more than 5 orders
        • Has spent more than $300
        Repeat customersCustomers who made more than one purchase and at least one purchase in the last month
        • Has placed an order within the last 30 days
        • Has placed more than 1 order
        Potential customersCustomers who show a potential to buy but have not placed an order recently
        • Has abandoned an order within the last 7 days
        • Has placed an order within the last 12 months
        • Has not placed an order within the last 7 days
        New loyalty members (14 days)Newly opted-in loyalty members
        • Is a loyalty member
        • Has opted in within the last 14 days
        Points about to expire (14 days)Loyalty member whose points will soon expirePoints are due to expire within the next 14 days
        One-time customersCustomers who have made one purchase in your storeHas placed 1 order only
        Winback customersCustomers who have not made a purchase in a long time
        • Has placed at least 1 order
        • Has not placed an order within the last 1 day

        Available for Yotpo SMS & Email customers only:

        Segment nameSegment nameConditions
        Active loyalty SMS subscribersActive SMS subscribers who are loyalty members
        • Has clicked an SMS link
        • Is a loyalty member
        You can edit any of these segments according to your business needs. See Editing a segment

        Create a segment

        1. Log into Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals.
        2. From the menu on the left, select Lists & Segments.
        3. In the top right corner, select Create > Create segment.
          If you want to create a new segment with similar conditions to an existing segment, you can save time by duplicating the existing segment and then editing its conditions. Just click the 3-dot menu next to the existing segment, and select Duplicate. Then, next to the new segment you just created, click Edit, and update the conditions.
        4. Give your segment a memorable name so you can find it later, and click Save.
        5. Start adding conditions to build out your segment definition. Learn how to edit segment conditions
        Check the Summary box on the right to see the total number of customers and total number of loyalty members included in the segment. The Summary will dynamically update as you add or remove conditions.
        Please note:

        We automatically filter out customers whose accounts have been deleted in the eCommerce platform (for example, Shopify).In addition, emails ending with “” or “” are used for anonymization, so customers with such emails are not saved.

        1. When you’re done, click Save.
          You’ll now be returned to the Lists & Segments management page. You’ll be able to see your new segment at the top with a NEW label.

        Next steps

        Once you’ve created your segment, you can now go ahead and apply it to your campaigns. Learn about applying campaigns to target audiences

        You can update your segment at any time. See Managing your segments to learn how.

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