Creating a Spin to Win Popup

      Creating a Spin to Win Popup

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        Engage shoppers and add an element of excitement to your subscriber collection strategy with Yotpo SMS & Email’s Spin to Win feature. 

        In this article, you’ll learn how to create, manage, and set up a flow with spin to win.

        How it works

        Spin to win is an interactive version of our pop-up that adds a fun twist to your marketing campaigns. When shoppers visit your website, they are presented with a digital spinning wheel. Once they have added their contact details, they can spin the wheel with a click. It will randomly (or not so randomly, based on your settings) land on a prize or discount. This element of chance not only captures their attention but also creates a sense of excitement and anticipation.

        The new subscriber will automatically receive an SMS or email with their discount code and a link to your store.

        Getting started with Spin to win

        To enable the spin to win pop-up to your website:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Subscriber Collection Tools.
        2. Under the spin to win card, click Set it upThe editor page will open, where you can customize and publish your spin to win pop-up.

        Design and behavior

        When starting to customize your spin to win pop-up, you’ll notice that the settings are identical to the new pop-up editor. You can easily tailor the appearance, colors, content, and behavior of the wheel to match your branding and campaign goals.

        Please note:

        The full set of behavior settings available for all Yotpo SMS & Email pop-ups are available spin to win as well. The only difference is you can change the location of the contact field and schedule your spin to win pop-up.

        Contact field location

        At the top of the Layout settings, you’ll see the Contact field location option. This lets you choose when the shoppers enter their phone number and/or email. You can select whether it's before or after they spin the wheel. The latter might encourage shoppers to provide their contact info once they know their reward, and will add one more step to the pop-up.


        If you want to schedule your spin to win pop-up to align with a specific campaign, holiday or a weekend sale:

        1. Go to the Behavior section, and click Configure.
        2. In the Schedule section, click Edit.
        3. Choose the start and end dates.
        4. Click Save behavior.

        Wheel alignment and settings

        Once you’re done with your wheel design and behavior, you can continue with its alignment and prize settings.

        The wheel alignment defines whether the wheel will be on the left, right, or in the middle of the pop-up and can be set up with a simple click. To ensure optimal display form and experience, mobile alignment will always be centered.

        Wheel settings

        The wheel settings allow you to customize the font and colors of the wheel itself, along with the rewards. To access them, go to Wheel settings > Configure, or click on the wheel.

        Reward settings

        The spin to win wheel is divided into 12 slots. Each section of the reward settings configures 3 slots on the wheel which will be highlighted. You can customize:

        • The reward name, i.e., 5% off, No luck today, Try again
        • The reward type, choosing between Percentage, Free shipping, Fixed amount, and No reward
        • The reward amount depending on your previous choice.
        • The reward gravity determines the probability of specific rewards appearing on the wheel. Higher reward gravity increases the chances of certain rewards showing up more frequently, while lower reward gravity decreases their frequency.


        The sum of the gravity of all sections must equal 100%.

        When you are happy with the look and feel of your spin to win pop-up, click Publish.

        Welcome flow

        After you’ve published your spin to win pop-up, a welcome flow will be created. New subscribers who opt in through this pop-up will receive a welcome message with their reward. To edit the welcome message:

        1. Go to your flows and find the related flow at the top of the list.
        2. Click on the edit icon.
        3. Click on the SMS step in the flow and change the message.
        4. Click Save.

        Please note:

        We don’t recommend changing the conditions of the flow, as they are automatically created based on your Spin to win reward settings.

        Disabling the welcome message for existing subscribers

        By default, all customers who spin the wheel and add their contact details will receive the welcome message with their reward, even if they already are part of your subscribers’ list. To disable the flow for existing subscribers:

        1. Click on the flow trigger.
        2. Go to the Custom trigger options on the left.
        3. Choose Disabled from the dropdown menu.
        4. Click Save.

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