Creating an Abandoned Checkout Flow

      Creating an Abandoned Checkout Flow

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        Abandoned Checkout flows allow you to contact shoppers who have left items in their shopping carts at checkout. Our easy-to-use flow will help you send a personalized text message to your subscribers shortly after checkout abandonment and urge them to come back and finish their purchase.

        Abandoned Checkout flows have proven to be one of the most effective eCommerce solutions to recover abandoned carts, increase retention and boost conversion rates.

        This article will teach you how to easily enable an Abandoned Checkout flow.

        Before you begin: regulations for US shoppers

        Before we dive in, we must inform you that to comply with the CTIA regulations when sending an abandoned checkout reminder to US shoppers, merchants are allowed to send just 1 message within 48 hours of checkout, and it must include opt-out verbiage. 

        That is why when activating abandoned checkout automation, Yotpo SMS & Email users will get the following warning:

        US abandoned checkout warning

        Enabling an Abandoned Checkout flow

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Flows > Flow Templates
        2. Search for “Abandoned” from the search bar. You’ll see 5 different Abandoned Checkout flow templates: 
        •  Abandoned Checkout (International and US) - a complex flow, considering US regulations, and separating messaging sent to the US from the international one. 
        •  Abandoned Checkout SMS & Email - a flow with an extra email action so you can reach subscribers on all possible channels.
        •  Abandoned Checkout (US Customers) - a flow considering US regulations, made just for US customers.
        •  Abandoned Checkout Based on Cart Amount - a flow that gives different discounts based on the total cart value of each customer.
        •  Top-Rated Products in Abandoned Checkout - a flow presenting the top-rated products in a customer’s shopping cart.


        When you click on the one you want to enable, an overview of the flow will appear. You can choose whether or not to add a discount to your welcome flow by clicking on the toggle button.

         Click Activate flow to complete the setup!

        SMS and email

        Customizing and deactivating the Abandoned Checkout flow

        Editing your flow

        To customize the Abandoned Checkout flow, simply click on the Edit flow button in the overview window. You can also edit your flow after you’ve enabled it from the Flows dashboard, by clicking on the Edit icon on the end of the row. 


        Deactivating your flow

        To deactivate the flow, simply click on the toggle button on the row.


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