Creating Tailored Segments (Beta)

      Creating Tailored Segments (Beta)

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        Create segments quickly and easily with Tailor, your personal retention expert. Powered by AI, Tailor leverages natural language to simplify the complex process of creating precise and relevant segments, empowering you to effortlessly target your desired audience without diving into query logic or tedious work.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to create AI-generated segments with Tailor.

        How it works

        Simply describe your desired segment and Tailor will automatically generate it for you. You’ll be able to save your new segment to use it later or create a new campaign on the fly.

        Creating a segment with Tailor

        While Tailored Segments is in beta, you can generate segments quickly and easily from the banner at the top of the page. Just type a description of the segment you’d like to generate, and click Generate segment. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can generate examples of segments by clicking Show example. After your segment is created, skip to step 5 in the instructions below.

        Alternatively, you can create Tailored Segments by following the instructions below.

        To create a new segment:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Lists & Segments.
        2. On the top-right corner, click Create audience.
        3. Select Generate with Tailor, and click Next. A pop-up appears.
        4. Describe the segment you’d like to create. Example: “Everyone who spent more than $100 in the last 30 days”.
        Please note:

        Currently, you cannot create segments based on a campaign you sent in the past, or based on a product or collection from your product catalog.

        Tailor will automatically create your segment. Please be patient - this may take a few moments.

        The following information about your new segment will be indicated:

        • The number of SMS subscribers it includes
        • The number of email subscribers it includes
        • The conditions that were used to build the segment


        5. Give your segment a memorable name so you can find it later. You can keep the suggested name or add your own by clicking the Pencil icon.

        6. If you’re happy with your new segment, you can save it for use later or create a campaign with it right away.

        • If you click Save segment, your segment will be saved in your Lists & Segments
        • If you click Create campaign, you’ll be taken to the campaign editor, where you can finish building out your campaign

        7. If you want to make changes to your segment, or refine it further, just type below to describe what changes you want to make.

        Please note:

        Currently, Tailor is unable to build upon a query you already made. If you want to make changes to your segment, please type the whole description again.

        If Tailor still doesn’t build your segment the way you want, you can always build it yourself manually. Learn more about building segments manually in Creating SMS Marketing Segments.

        Updating a segment

        You can update your segment at any time from the segmentation tool. Learn more in Managing Your Segments.

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