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      Customer Management Actions

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        This article is an explanation of all the actions that can be made in the Customer Management Section. 

        To access customer management actions, go to the Customers section of Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals and search for a specific customer using their email address.

        Yotpo pulls customer information from your eCommerce platform. Changes in customer details that you make on your platform, such as updating the customer's name or email address, will be reflected here.

        Adjust point balance

        This action is used to manually add/deduct points to a customer’s account.


        The adjusting points button affects both the current point balance and total point balance, which can cause unintentional effects (on VIP tiers for example.) 

        To avoid unintended consequences, check these instructions before adjusting points

        After you click the button a popup will appear with two fields: 

        1. The Point Adjustment Amount is the number of points that you'd like to give (or take away from the customer). Enter in a positive number to add points (5) to the account, and a negative number to deduct points (-5).
        2. In the Reason/History Entry field, enter a reason as to why you're changing the customer's
          points balance.
        Please note:

        Be aware if you want this reason to be visible to the customer or not.

        You can control the default (visible vs. not visible) via your settings section Look for the setting called: "Manual Adjustment Default Visibility (Default: Hidden from customers)"

        And you can always adjust the visibility of an individual action later on. 

        Edit referral discount code

        This option will only appear if you have a code-based referral program enabled.

        Give reward

        This action lets you reward your customer with a coupon, and choose whether to deduct points for it or not.  

        For example, if a customer is trying to redeem points for a coupon and they are unable to, you can reward them with a discount and deduct points.

        If you want to give a reward to a customer to compensate them for something, give the reward and do not deduct points.

        The Give Reward option cannot be used for Variable, Cart Fixed Amount, Free Product, and Price Adjustments rewards.

        If you are using Yotpo's triggered emails, an ESP integration, or webhooks to send emails, this action will trigger a redemption/created event, so the customer will get the coupon via email

        Edit birthday

        Submit a date on their behalf or edit their birthday if they incorrectly added their birthday to the “Happy Birthday” campaign.

        The important thing to know about this action is that even if you update the birthday, the customer will never get more than one gift a year. If they have already gotten their gift, they can't get another one until the next calendar year has passed.

        Read more about the Birthday Reward earning rule.

        Edit/Delete anniversary

        Submit a date on their behalf or edit the anniversary date if they incorrectly added their anniversary to the “Anniversary” campaign, or remove it altogether.

        The important thing to know about this action is that even if you update the anniversary, the customer will never get more than one gift a year. If they have already gotten their gift, they can't get another one until the next calendar year comes

        Learn more about the Anniversary Reward earning rule.

        Add/Remove actions

        Manually add or remove custom action earning rule. If you have a custom campaign that doesn't automatically route actions to Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, (or if a specific action was not triggered) you can trigger points via the Add/Remove Actions button. The action will then be populated within the Custom Action campaign in the Earning Points section, as well as in the customer profile. 

        Exclude/Include in reports

        Excludes this customer from being included in reports and exports. This is useful for the purpose of excluding test users from the reports. We recommend excluding test users to ensure that the data in your dashboards reflects your actual customer base accurately.

        Each customer has their own unique referral link, This action lets you disable/activate the link, or generate a new code.

        Please note:
        A disabled referral link will still redirect customers to the landing URL you configured, but it will not initiate the referral process.

        When choosing to manage a customer's referral link, you can choose to:

        1. Disable/activate it.
        2. Generate a new link.

        If you choose to disable the link, the "Disabled" status will appear in the customer's user profile:

        Anonymize customer (deleting customer info)

        This action cannot be reversed.

        As part of GDPR compliance, use this action to anonymize a customer's name and email address. See our privacy guide to learn more.

        If you use this action, it will change the customer name to "anonymous" and create a new anonymous email address, however, the customer activity, history, and events will still be available. Everything in terms of the user's personal information will be permanently erased from the Yotpo database.

        See more about deleting customers from your Loyalty and Referrals account.

        Exporting a list of customers

        Click the Export button at the top right corner of the screen and export the following information: 

        • All Customers
        • A list of all the customers that subscribed to your site using the Newsletter Signup.

        Learn about importing/exporting points and customers

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