Customizing the Customer Portal

      Customizing the Customer Portal

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        The customer portal is a subscription management platform added to your Shopify store when you launch your first subscription plan, allowing customers to view, track, or make changes to their subscription anytime, with no effort to you. Learn how to add the customer portal to your Shopify store

        In this article, you'll learn how the customer portal appears to your customers and how to customize it to fit your brand and needs. 

        How does it work

        The customer portal gives each customer a view of all their subscription orders. Each subscription order is embedded inside the customer portal via the customer portal widget, and allows customers to take quick actions to manage andupdate their subscriptions. Learn more about how customers can manage their subscriptions.

        The customer portal widget

        The customer portal widget allows your customers to self-manage their subscriptions anytime, with no effort to you. It's embedded in the customer portal and can be accessed either via direct link, via passwordless login from your login page, or by logging in to your store. Learn more about how customers can manage their subscriptions.

        Customer portal settings

        The customer portal widget design is made up of 2 main settings:

        1. Widget Layout & Display Names: 

          Layout: You can set the alignment of the widget to the left or the right or left of the Customer Portal. This could be relevant if you're adding the Customer Portal to your store. Learn more

          Display Names: The Display Names allow you to customize the title of your Customer Portal, and the different labels customers will see for the subscriptions delivery and pricing information.

        2. Widget General Appearance:
          You can fully customize the widget fonts and colors to match your brand.

        Customizing the customer portal widget

        To customize your Customer Portal Widget follow these steps: 

        1. In your Yotpo Subscriptions main menu, go to your Store View page.
        2. Hover over your Customer Portal Widget.
        3. Click Edit.
        4. Click on the Layout & Text section to choose the widget layout and display names.
        5. Click the General appearance section to set the widget font and colors.
          Please note:

          To customize or translate your customer portal texts, click the Advanced section, and then click Edit near the Translations label. This will open the translations editor, and allow to manually customize or translate any of the portal texts your customers will see. Once you're done, click Update to save your changes.

        6. Click the Available actions section to define the actions customers can take from the portal.
        7. Once you’re happy with your widget design settings, click Publish to save your changes and publish them to your live customer portal.
        While customizing the widget design, you can preview your changes as you go along on the right-hand-side, without exiting the page.

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