Customizing the Reviews Widget

      Customizing the Reviews Widget

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        The Reviews Widget lets you showcase your reviews on your homepage and product pages in a fully customizable format.

        In this article, you'll learn how to use the widget editor to match your brand's tone and voice to create a seamless customer experience.

        Accessing the widget editor

        Use the flow below to access the new widget editor:

        1. From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to On-Site Widgets.
        2. Click Reviews Widget 3.0.
        3. Customize the widget according to your needs.
        Please note:
        If you haven't yet added the widget to your store, click on the platform relevant to you to learn how to add it:

        Customization options


        Choose a layout for your widget.

        This option is available in the Layout section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        StandardA straightforward layout with 3 columns.
        BoldA grid layout that emphasizes key-converting content such as media and reviews with high star ratings. Reviews with a star rating of 4 and above showcase larger titles.

        Colors & style

        Define the colors, fonts, and other look and feel settings for your widget.

        These options are available in the General Settings section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        Primary colorThe color used for the aggregated star rating, filler icons, tab names, “Write A Review” button, and shopper status
        StarsThe color used for the stars
        TextThe color used for the Yotpo logo, title, aggregated reviews, shopper names, avatars, filter icon, and pagination
        BackgroundThe background color of the Reviews Widget on the product page on your website
        Primary fontThe font used for your widget header, review title, store comment title, etc. Learn how to add a custom font
        Secondary fontThe font used by any widget elements not using the primary font. Learn how to add a custom font
        Widget widthThe relative size of the widget as a percentage of the container size on your product page
        Reviews per pageThe number of reviews you’ll display on each page of the widget
        Line separator styleThe line that is displayed between each review

        Reviews summary

        The Reviews Summary makes it easier for shoppers to quickly find the information they need by highlighting the main topics that appear across existing reviews in the Reviews Widget.

        To learn more about The Reviews Summary, go to Adding the Reviews Summary

        Widget header

        Define the headline text and star rating text.

        These options are available in the Widget Header section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        Headline textWhen on, displays a header at the top of the Reviews Widget
        Default: On
        TextThe text that is displayed at the top of the Reviews Widget
        Default: Customer Reviews
        Average star ratingWhen on, displays the average star rating for the product at the top of the widget
        Default: On
        BottomLine TextThe text that is used in the star rating
        Default: {{reviews_count}} reviews
        Star distributionWhen on, displays the number of reviews that were submitted per star rating
        Default: On

        Sorting & filtering

        Define the on-site sorting logic and filtering options available to customers

        These options are available in the Sorting & Filtering section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        Sort by

        The order in which reviews are displayed on-site in the Reviews Widget. The parameters include:

        Most relevant

        High-scoring reviews that are the most relevant to the shopper.

        Each review is given a score according to the following parameters:

        • Media: Reviews with images or videos will get a higher score
        • Review length: Reviews containing between 30-250 characters get higher scores
        • Number of topics (Only available for reviews in English): Reviews that have between 1-5 topics get higher scores
        • Reviewer badge: Reviews that have a “Verified buyer” badge get higher scores.
        • Recency: Newly added reviews get higher scores
        Most recentNewly added reviews
        With media
        Reviews that include images or videos
        Verified purchase
        Reviews with “Verified buyer” badges. To learn more about reviewer badges, see the Reviewer Badges article.

        Filter by

        The on-site filters are available to customers when viewing reviews.

        Smart filters

        Smart Filters let shoppers filter reviews by topics that interest them the most. Using AI, these topics are automatically selected according to their prominence in reviews and showcased on-site in a dynamic display. To learn more about Smart Filters, see Reviews Widget Smart Filters.

        Custom questions

        Define the display of information collected with the Custom Questions feature.

        These options are available in the Custom Questions section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        Product feedbackThe display location/s and color of product feedback
        Default: Off
        Customer detailsThe display location/s of customer details
        Default: Off


        Define the display settings for your reviews and comments.

        These options are available in the Reviews section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        AvatarWhen on, displays the customer avatar
        Default: On
        Note: The reviewer name is the name provided by the user the first time they leave a review. Even if that same user later changes the name associated with their email account, the initial name will continue to be applied to all future reviews.
        StyleChoose to display either an icon or the shopper’s initials
        Default: Icon
        Reviewer name formatChoose to display either the shopper’s first name and initial or their initials only
        Default: First name + initial
        Reviewer badgeWhen on, displays a badge to indicate the authenticity of the reviewer. Learn more about reviewer badges Default: On
        DateWhen on, displays the date the review was submitted
        Default: On
        Date formatThe date format
        Default: DD/MM/YY
        Store comment titleThe title displayed above any comments you submit
        Default: Store Owner

        Empty state

        Define what your widget looks like before you’ve started displaying reviews.

        These options are available in the Empty State section of the Reviews Widget Editor.

        Empty StateWhen on, and you haven’t published any reviews yet, displays text inviting shoppers to submit a review
        Default: On
        Title textThe title of the empty state
        Body textThe body text of the empty state
        Button textThe button text of the empty state
        Button colorThe color of the button in the empty state

        Next steps

        If the Reviews Widget is already live on your site, the next step is to add the Star Rating 3.0.

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