Customizing Your Reviews Email

      Customizing Your Reviews Email

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        Customize Yotpo-generated emails to match the native look and feel of your brand.

        Getting started

        To access the Email Template Editor:

        1. Log in to Yotpo Reviews
        2. Go to Emails > Email Template Editor

        Customizing email templates

        Please note:
        We strongly recommend proficiency with HTML and CSS when customizing email templates. Yotpo Support will be happy to assist with functionality issues related to Yotpo code, however, issues related to the validity and customization of custom code are not supported.
        Interested in having email templates tailor-made for you?
        Reach out to your Yotpo representative to learn more about how our in-house Professional Services team can help you design beautiful on-brand email templates.

        To customize your email template:

        1. Select the file you want to edit in the list on the left-hand side of the editor.
        2. If necessary, expand the Templates or Snippets list to view a full list of files.
        3. Edit the code within the editor workspace according to your requirements.
          • The editor workspace includes in-line syntax validation to automatically highlight code errors and anomalies. If your code includes errors, you will not be able to preview or save your changes until the errors are resolved.
        4. Changes made within the editor workspace are automatically saved so you can easily switch between template files without losing your work. 
        5. Each template includes optional placeholders you may use to display dynamic content such as: user name, product name, store name, store url, header text.
        6. Click Save Changes.

        Once your changes are saved, customization are applied to your live Yotpo-generated emails and a new template version instance is created.


        The templates and snippets outlined below represent Yotpo's new and improved templates (released August 2018). As such, your templates may appear differently.

        To get the new templates, you must first reset your templates by clicking the Reset Templates button in the upper right hand corner.

        Resetting templates will replace all your existing templates and customizations with the latest default files. 

        General TemplatesDescription
        email_layout.liquidThe email layout
        custom_overrides.cssYour custom CSS overrides for Yotpo-generated emails
        yotpo(readonly).cssYotpo's emails CSS stylesheet
        brand_logo.liquidYour brand's logo
        email_footer.liquidAppears at the bottom of your email and includes unsubscribe link
        email_header(readonly).liquidText that appears at the top of your emails
        product_image(readonly).liquidThe product image
        tracking_pixel(readonly).liquidEmail conversion tracking pixel
        unsubscribe_section.liquidUnsubscribe section that appears in the email footer
        unsupported_email_client.liquidDirects to landing page form if the in-mail form is not supported by the email client
        • Read-only files cannot be customized or modified in any way
        • Subject lines cannot be customized for the following emails:

        - Coupon notification

        - Site review request

        - Reviewer verification

        Reviews TemplatesDescriptionSubject line
        comment_notification.liquidEmail notification sent when a review is commented onCan edit
        manual_product_review_request.liquidEmail requesting a product reviewCan edit
        manual_site_review_request.liquidEmail requesting a site reviewCan edit
        product_review_request_14.liquidPost-purchase email requesting a product reviewCan edit
        resend_product_review_request.liquidResend email requesting a product reviewThe title can be edited when clicking the resend button in the Moderation section
        reviewer_verification.liquidVerification email sent to the reviewer after submitting their reviewCannot edit
        site_review_after_invoice.liquidPost-invoice email requesting a site reviewCan edit
        site_review_after_service.liquidPost-service email requesting a site review - (Help Desk Integration)Can edit
        site_review_request.liquidPost-purchase email requesting a site reviewCannot edit
        Reviews SnippetsDescription
        base_choice_custom_field.liquidCustom field for single-choice radio buttons vs. multiple choice checkboxes
        custom_review_form_fields(readonly).liquidCustom review form fields
        free_text_custom_field.liquidCustom field for free-text answers (text box)
        link_to_landing_page_form.liquidClickable star rating links to landing page form
        promoted_products.liquidShows promoted products in emails
        rating_custom_field.liquidCustom field for rating-related questions (horizontal bars)
        review_form.liquidReview form that appears in review request emails
        review_request(readonly).liquidDetermines whether to display review form in-mail or landing page
        review_score_input.liquidCustomize icon of review score input e.g. star-rating
        size_custom_field.liquidCustom field for size-related questions (horizontal bars)
        Coupons TemplatesDescriptionSubject line
        coupon_notification.liquid"Thank You" email and coupon sent to reviewers after submitting a review
         **Please note - this template's subject line cannot be customized** 
        Cannot edit
        coupon_reminder.liquidReminder to claim coupon before coupon expirationCan edit
        Coupons SnippetsDescription
        coupon_info.liquidThe coupon, expiration date, and link to store
        Questions & Answers TemplatesDescription
        answer_notification.liquidA notification for a customer who wrote a question through the reviews widget that the question has been answered
        answer_request.liquidA request from a past shopper to answer another customer’s question regarding the product they had purchase
        question_verification.liquidVerification email sent to the reviewer after submitting their question through the widget
        Questions & Answers SnippetsDescription
        answer_form.liquidThe form for the answer request from past shoppers

        Email template placeholders

        Include dynamic placeholders in your email templates and subject lines to improve your open rate with personalized emails. Placeholders values are taken from your Email Settings

        Please note:
        To edit the subject lines of coupon emails, you must first configure your coupon settings.
        {{answer_content}} Your answer
        {{comment_content}}Content of the comment
        {{confirmation_url}} RequiredThe confirmation link
        {{coupon_code}} The coupon code
        {{coupon_discount}} The coupon discount
        {{coupon_thank_you}} The coupon thank you message
        {{expiration_date}} The expiration date for the coupon
        {{landing_page_link}} Link to a landing page if this email is broken
        {{link_didnt_get_product_yet}} Link for customers who didn’t yet receive the product.
        {{order_date}} The date of the order
        {{order_id}} The ID of the order
        {{product_name}} The product name
        {{promoted_products}} Placeholder for the promoted product section (only added if the feature is enabled)
        {{question_date}} RequiredThe date the question was asked
        {{question_content}} RequiredThe content of the question
        {{store_logo}}Your store's logo
        {{store_logo_url}} The URL of the logo on your store's homepage
        {{store_name}} The name of your store
        {{store_url}} The URL of your store's website
        {{url_params}} RequiredHidden form fields that are needed for processing
        {{user}}The reviewer's full name. To display only the first name and first letter of the last name,  replace {{user}} with:
        {{user | truncatewords: 1, "" }}

        This will display as such:
        e.g. John S. , Sally M., etc.

        Note: First names comprised of two names will appear truncated as well. For example,
        "Anna Marie Jones" will show as "Anna M." 
        {{verification_link}} Required The verification link
        {{product_picture_url}}Reviewed Product Image in high quality/ dimensions
        {{product_picture_thumb_url}}Reviewed Product Image in small dimensions (thumbnail size).
        Can be used to prevent the image from expanding to it's original size in Outlook

        Previewing emails

        To preview email templates:

        1. Click Preview
          1. Your template file appears in a new browser tab
        Please note:
        If your code includes errors, you will not be able to preview or save your changes until the errors are resolved

        Test emails

        In addition to previewing emails in your browser, we strongly recommend sending a few test emails to ensure optimal compatibility across devices and email clients. We recommend testing emails on email clients like Gmail, Outlook, etc. as well as testing responsiveness on mobile devices and tablets.

        Email template file versioning

        Click the Browse Versions dropdown to quickly roll back to previously saved template versions or revert to the original default template.

        To load a previous template:

        1. Click the Browse Versions dropdown
        2. Select relevant template file
        3. Click Default Version to restore the template to the original default template
        4. Don't forget to click Save Changes when you're ready to apply your changes to live emails

        Reset templates

        Please note:
        • Resetting templates will replace all your existing templates and customizations with the latest default files.
        • When resetting the editor, template names may change. Make sure to update the template names where relevant

        To reset all templates:

        1. Click Reset Templates in the upper right-hand corner.
          Please note that resetting templates is not available for all accounts. If you can't see the button, please contact your Yotpo representative.
        2. Click Reset Now

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