Direct Rewards Overview on Shopify and Shopify Plus

      Direct Rewards Overview on Shopify and Shopify Plus

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        Direct rewards (previously known as direct coupons) are rewards your customers receive directly as a result of fulfilling a loyalty activity without having to redeem any points.

        Please note:

        Direct rewards are also commonly used for:

        • The Referral Program if you want to give the referred friend a direct reward without making them create an account
        • The VIP Tiers if you want to give your customer a reward for entering a tier
        • If using any other platform, refer to our Creating a Coupon article

        Creating a direct reward

        To create a direct reward, do the following:

        1. Log in to your Loyalty & Referrals admin.
        2. Click on the Set Up Program tab in the main menu on the left.
        3. Click Direct Rewards.
        4. Click Create a New Coupon.
        5. Choose the direct reward you’d like to create from the Coupon Type drop-down menu.
        6. Based on the reward type you selected, fill out the relevant settings that appear below.
        7. Click Save Coupon.

        Next steps

        Now that you’ve created a few direct reward options, you can complete the set up of your Loyalty earning rules, Referral Program, and VIP Tiers.

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