Disable Yotpo- BigCommerce Users (Stencil)

      Disable Yotpo- BigCommerce Users (Stencil)


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        Are you using BigCommerce BluePrint? See instructions here.

        If you want to temporarily disable your Yotpo account, please follow this guide:

        Step 1: Disable the Mail after Purchase toggle

        1. Log into Yotpo Reviews.
        2. Click on Content Generation.
        3. Select Reviews.
        4. Click on Mail After Purchase.
        5. Switch off the toggle next to "MAP Live Mode".
        6. Click on Save.

        Step 2: Disable notifications within the Yotpo Admin

        1. Access your Yotpo Admin.
        2. Click on Settings (On the top right).
        3. Select Account Setting.
        4. Click on Email Preferences.
        5. Disable each notification you do not wish to receive.
        6. Click on Save.
        1. Open the Theme Editor in your BigCommerce admin.
        2. Click on Storefront.
        3. Click on My Themes.
        4. Click on Advanced.
        5. Click Edit Theme Files.
        6. Open the Theme Editor in your BigCommerce admin.
        7. Locate the relevant theme files
        8. Click on Ctrl+F and search 'Yotpo'
        9. Comment out the related code by adding <!-- at the beginning of the code element and --> at the end
        10. Click Save.
        Please note:
        You can always remove the comment-out markings you have added to the code and the Yotpo features will re-appear on your site.

        To easily inspect your theme files for Yotpo-related code, search the following theme files: HTMLHead.html, ProductDetails.html, CategoryProductsItem.html or ProductDescription.html.

        You can view the complete code elements that have been implemented as part of the installation process here

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