EcoCart - Integration Guide for Loyalty & Referrals and SMS & Email

      EcoCart - Integration Guide for Loyalty & Referrals and SMS & Email

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        Loyalty & Referrals

        SMS & Email

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        Premium, Enterprise

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        Shopify, Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento), BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Custom

        Leverage Yotpo together with EcoCart to drive better results for a more sustainable brand. Using Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals points and rewards, and SMS & Email messaging flows, you can encourage, reward, and thank your customers for actively reducing their carbon footprint.

        Find your product IDs

        For most of the use cases below you will need to know your EcoCart product IDs. 

        To find these do the following:

        1. After downloading the EcoCart app, log into your Shopify account, then click Products on the menu on the left.
        2. From the list of products, select Carbon Neutral Order to go to the product page.
        3. Copy the 13 digit product ID at the end of the product page URL.
        1. Go to the product page.
        2. Click the product image.
        3. In the product image URL, find "/products/".
        4. Copy the 13 digit product ID shown right after "/products/" in the image URL.
        Please note:
        To find product IDs on other platforms, reach out to

        Using Loyalty & Referrals with EcoCart

        You can use Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals to drive adoption to EcoCart in a couple of ways.

        Loyalty points

        Offer points to customers who offset their carbon emissions by adding an EcoCart product to a purchase. This adds an incentive that represents your brand’s commitment to its environmental and sustainability goals. 

        To do this follow these steps:

        1. Set up any purchase based campaign, such as a Punch Card Campaign or a Points for Purchases campaign.
        2. Limit the campaign specifically to the Carbon Neutral Order product IDs which EcoCart creates in your store for carbon emission offset by customers.

        Loyalty rewards

        Allow customers to redeem their points for offsetting their carbon emissions, both promoting your cause and increasing customer sense of meaning with your brand.

        To do this follow these steps:

        1. Set up a free products on-site module using the EcoCart product IDs.
        2. Once redeemed, the ‘carbon emission’ product will be automatically applied to the customer’s current cart.
        Please note:
        The module is available exclusively for Loyalty & Referrals Platinum and Enterprise plans, who are using Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, SFCC, or Magento 2.

        Using SMS & Email with EcoCart

        Create an SMS flow thanking customers who chose to offset their carbon emissions as part of a recent order.

        To do this follow these steps:

        1. Add a rule to your post purchase flow that sends a personalized SMS message to customers who made orders that include an EcoCart product ID
        2. In your message, highlight what a positive impact they made on the environment and how important that is to your brand. You can also note that they received bonus loyalty points on the purchase.
        Having issues with the integration?
        For any questions about the setup within Yotpo, reach out to your Yotpo representative or Support. For any questions about EcoCart, reach out to

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