Creating Shipping Profiles for Subscriptions

      Creating Shipping Profiles for Subscriptions

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        Shopify’s shipping profiles allow you to set shipping rates for specific products. By creating profiles specific to subscriptions, you can offer further customization and discounts to your loyal customers.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to create subscription plans and subscribe shipping profiles to them.

        How it works

        By default, all products on your store are charged the general shipping price set in Shopify’s shipping profiles.

        While shipping profiles can be created directly in Shopify, adding plans directly in Yotpo allows for all products within the attached subscription plans to follow the shipping profile’s set rates.

        Existing subscriptions will not be affected by newly created shipping profiles.

        Creating a profile

        To create a shipping profile:

        1. In Yotpo Subscriptions, go to Settings > Shipping profiles.
        2. Select Create shipping profile. This will open the Shopify shipping profile page.
        3. In Shopify, give your profile a name and scroll down to Shipping Zones.
        4. For each shipping zone your store uses, click Add rate and set the shipping rate you want to apply.
        5. Click Save and return to Yotpo.
        Do not add products to the "Product" section of the shipping profile within Shopify. The products will be included when you select a subscription plan in the next step.

        Back in Yotpo:

        6. Click I’ve added my rates.
        7. Click Select plans.
        8.Select which plans you want included in the shipping profile and click Save.

        Subscription plans can only be assigned to one shipping profile. If the plan is added to a new profile, it will be removed from the previous profile.

        You’ll then see a confirmation message letting you know that your shipping profile has been created.

        Next steps

        Customers who subscribe to a product within your selected plans will now be charged the shipping rate set in the profile. Existing subscribers will not be affected by the new rates unless they make changes to their subscription.

        You can always return to Settings to manage your profiles.

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