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        Email policy rules ensure that your customers receive the optimum number of emails at the most appropriate intervals and are not spammed.

        In this article, you'll learn about the rules that limit the number of emails you send to your customers.

        Default values

        VariableDescriptionDefault Value
        Days after purchase to send automatic review request*
        Multiple Products Purchase Settings

        Request review for
        (this is how the automatic review requests will behave when a customer purchases multiple products at once)* 
        The Review Requests will be sorted according to the rule you select here: Most expensive product or Least reviewed productMost expensive product
        Max Number of Emails*

        (this is the maximum number of products for which emails with review requests will be sent when a customer purchases multiple products at once)

        Interval between emails*

        (this is the interval between emails that will be sent to the same end-user)
        Automatic Review Requests, Site Review after Service, Manual Review Requests and Q&A questions5 days

        Send follow-up email X days after initial request

        7 days
        Max Number of Site Review after Service emails
        You can configure these parameters in Yotpo Reviews.

        Ground rules

        Below are key parameters that are used to limit the number of emails sent over a specific period:

        • The maximum number of emails that can be sent to the same end-user within 30 days is 5
        • An automatic review request for a specific product will only be sent to the same reviewer once every 12 months (Targeted Review Request can be sent out every 30 days)

        Review requests emails

        Review requests emails are post-purchase emails that are used to automatically collect site and/or product reviews from past shoppers. They are synced with orders placed through your store and are triggered to be sent several days (configurable) following order placement.

        Initial review request

        Single product purchases

        Send the automatic review request according to the Review Request Trigger value:

        For more information, please click here

        Multi-product purchases

        Your first review is collected directly from your customer's inbox leveraging our high-converting in-mail form. Once the initial review is submitted, the Multiple-Product Form automatically kicks in automatically and the shopper is prompted to submit reviews for all remaining purchases via a seamless data-driven experience. 

        For more information, please click here

        Please note:
        • Review request emails have a scheduled send date but can be delayed by up to 48 hours 
        • When an order contains several products from the same group, the review request email for that order will only include one product from that group

        Review request  follow-up email

        Create follow-up emails to increase the review form completion rate and ultimately collect more reviews. These emails are only sent to customers who have not yet written a review. 

        • A reminder is sent after the number of days set in the Send a Send a follow-up email section of the Standart email flow if the initial request is not answered.
        • The minimal amount of days that can be set is 5 days. If set to less than 5 days, reminders won't be sent.
        • A reminder email receives priority over the next automatic request in cases where the order consists of multiple products.

        When are automatic review requests not sent?

        • If the number of emails for the customer for the email period has been reached.
        • If a customer already reviewed this product during the previous 12 months via theautomatic review request email or the Reviews Widget.
        • If the shopper already received three review requests asking to review this specific product.
        If your review requests still aren't being sent, please contact support.


        Q&A is a feature that allows customers to ask questions regarding a specific product. The questions will be directed to the owner and to customers who had previously purchased the product.

        This feature strengthens ongoing community involvement with a store owner's business and increases trust for their customers.

        A Q&A email is sent to a customer who has left a review for a product and then another customer asked about that product. An Automatic Review Request has higher priority than a question email. This means that a question cannot be sent within less than five days of an automatic review request which has just been sent or is due to be sent within the next five days.

        For example:

        • If anautomatic review request was sent to the user in the last two days, don’t send any questions for the next three days.
        • If a user is supposed to get an automatic review request in the next three days, wait eight days until you send a question.
        • If the user has shortened the interval betweenautomatic review requests (premium feature), keep the five-day interval between questions and automatic review requests and between questions and questions.
        • Don’t send more than one question to a specific user in 30 days (minimum 30-day interval between questions).
        • Don’t send more than three answers to the customer who sent the question for each question they submitted, including answers by the store owner.

        Manual review requests

        Refer to our manual request articles to learn about when targeted site review requests and targeted product review requests are sent out.

        Email flow chart

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