Integrating Loyalty and Referrals with Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

      Integrating Loyalty and Referrals with Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

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        Integrate Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals with Shopify Point of Sale (POS) to create an Omnichannel Rewards Program that provides an incredible range of benefits:

        • Capture emails - Your omnichannel rewards program is all the reason your customers will need to provide their email addresses while in-store. Use Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals to convert one-time shoppers into repeat buyers
        • Connect with customers wherever they are - Many of your customers likely shop with you both in-person and online. Make sure they can sign up for your rewards program and redeem their points in both places.
        • Build deeper relationships with customers - Use Yotpo Referrals' Customer Management section to track each customer's in-store and online purchases -- and create more personalized, tailored communication in turn.

        How to use loyalty and referrals in the Shopify POS system

        To start, there are no separate apps to download or install; as long as you've installed Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals via the Shopify app store, you're good to go.

        The Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals app allows you to complete two important actions in an in-person setting:

        1. Enroll new customers or sign in existing customers into your rewards program
        2. Help customers redeem points for a discount towards in-store purchases

        Step 1: Enrolling / Signing in a customer

        When you're ready to complete a transaction with a customer using the Shopify POS app, the first step is to obtain the customer's email address. Encourage customers to take part in your Rewards Programs by displaying a message such as:

         " Are you part of our rewards program yet?  If not, I'll just need your email address today to automatically enroll you :) "

        This exchange alone is extremely valuable - customers normally would be unlikely to volunteer their email address, but enrolling them in the Rewards Program offers them an incentive to participate.

        You can complete this part of the process either before or immediately after adding products to the cart. Once you're ready to add the information, just click the Add Customer button to get started:

        If the customer says that they're not part of the program, then just click the Add new customer button to enter their information.

        Alternatively, if the customer's email is already in your system, all you need to do is search for it and tap the corresponding name.

        Once you've done that, the customer will automatically be "logged in" to the rewards program.

        You can see their name on the right side of the screen. 

        Here, you'll also see the "Rewards and Referrals by Yotpo Referrals" Card populate with their current points balance and available redemption options:

        Step 2:  Help a customer redeem points towards a purchase

        Once you've identified the customer, you can use Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals to help them redeem points towards their purchase:

        1. Add the product(s) to the customer's cart
        2. Click on the point balance tile to see all the redemption options the customer qualifies for
          • You will only see the redemption options the customer is eligible for when clicking this CTA
          • If the customer is only eligible for 1 reward, you won't see the CTA but will see the single reward populated in the main checkout screen
        3. You'll be presented with an Available Rewards modal. You're welcome to show or dictate the rewards the customer has available:
          Fixed Amount & Percentage Coupons ONLY
          Important to note that Shopify POS currently only accepts Fixed Amount and Percentage coupon types. If you have Variable Redemption options (slider) or a Free Product Redemption carousel on your online store, this will not be present at Shopify POS.
        4. Once you're ready, click the preferred redemption option:
          • The discount will automatically be applied to the cart & the total price will adjust accordingly
          • The customer's points balance will automatically be reduced by the cost of the redemption option

        If the customer decides they do not want the redemption for any reason, you can simply remove the applied discount from the order:

        The customer's points will be returned to their balance immediately!

        Shopify online discounts vs. Shopify POS discounts

        Shopify POS discounts are applied to a purchase in-store by the clerk as part of the checkout process. Unlike online discounts, there is no discount code applied at any point - the POS discount is added as a line item that adjusts the final price of the purchase. 

        Settings that apply to both online and POS:

        • The discount amount
        • The number of points to deduct from the customer’s point balance

        Any other setting, such as applying a discount to a specific product ID or customer tag, minimum spend amount, etc. will not apply in Shopify POS.

        Online store discountShopify POS discount
        ProcessA discount code is created and applied at checkoutThe discount is created as a line item that’s added to the order and reduces the price the customer needs to pay for that order. It’s a straightforward price adjustment. There is no actual discount code associated with this purchase.
        Discount settingsThe discount includes all the restrictions that were configured for the reward in Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

        The discount settings don’t include:

        • Minimum spend restrictions
        • Product ID or collection ID restrictions
        • Customer segment restrictions
        Viewing analytics

        Discount codes are included in the order details by default. 

        To learn more about the program analytics settings, see Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Settings Section Guide.

        If your brand has mostly POS activity, we recommend you go to your Yotpo General Settings section and choose the Customers who made a purchase within 24 hours of redeeming a loyalty reward setting under Program Analytics

        This means that a customer is identified as a redeemer if they complete a purchase within 24 hours of making a redemption.


        If the customer gets a partial refund, some points used are added back to the customer’s point balance.

        To learn more, see Point Balance for Refunded Orders.

        If the customer gets a partial refund, they will not receive any points back.

        To learn more, see Point Balance for Refunded Orders.

        To have a POS experience that includes all the relevant settings, you can use the in-store module that lets the customers choose their discounts on their phones.

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