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        The - Yotpo integration gives you the advantage of extending your existing tech stack to post-purchase activities. Seamlessly integrate delivery experience, returns, and reviews into your existing workflow.

        By leveraging's shipment tracking and management services, you can improve customer engagement, boost brand credibility, and improve customer retention, all while ensuring timely communication for late deliveries and lost packages.

        About is an automated post-purchase success platform purpose-built for small parcel shippers of all volumes, designed to optimize shipping costs and craft a superior last-mile customer experience. helps businesses save on shipping costs and improve customer satisfaction. It provides branded tracking pages, enables post-purchase communication for upselling and cross-selling, and offers premium delivery and returns experiences.

        Integrating with Yotpo SMS & Email

        With the SMS integration, you can:

        • Send real-time shipping updates based on the Shipment statuses via SMS
        • Send real-time return updates based on the return shipment statuses via SMS
        • Send updates about the delivery delays via SMS

        Connecting Yotpo SMS & Email with LateShipment

        If you’ve already integrated LateShipment with a different Yotpo product, you can skip this step and go straight to configuration
        1. Connect your account to Yotpo SMS & Email from the Yotpo Marketplace.
        2. Click Connect App.
        3. Authorize to create custom events on your Yotpo account to enable journeys.

        Once authorized, you are ready to enable Journeys on Yotpo SMS across the following modules:

        1. Delivery Experience Management
        2. Returns Experience Management

        Delivery experience management setup

        Open the app and go to Settings > SMS notifications > Notify via Yotpo SMS.

        Once your SMS drafts are verified and ready to go, make sure to select the events you want to activate journeys for on your account:

        1. Open the app.
        2. Select the Returns Experience Management > Notifications > Integrate SMS Tools > Yotpo SMS & Email.
        3. Scroll down and select all the events you want to activate.
        List of events

        There are 13 different events during post-purchase that can push to Yotpo SMS & Email with the integration:

        • LS-Shipped - When a package is picked up by the shipping carrier
        • LS-In-Transit - When a package is in-transit with the carrier
        • LS-In-Transit Delays - When a package is delayed in transit
        • LS-FailedDelivery - When delivery for a package was attempted, but unsuccessful
        • LS-OutforDelivery - When a package is out for delivery
        • LS-Delivered - When a package is delivered
        • LS-ReturnInitiated - When a return is approved and initiated
        • LS-ReturnApproved - Wehn a return request reported has been approved
        • LS-ReturnRejected - When a return request reported has been denied
        • LS-ReturnReceived -When a returned item is received at the warehouse
        • LS-ReturnIntransit - When a return shipment is in transit
        • LS-RefundInitiated - When a refund request has been processed for the item returned

        Setting up SMS flows

        After connecting the apps, you will have access to transactional flows for 13 different post-purchase events within Yotpo SMS & Email. These flows are fully customizable using the Yotpo SMS & Email flow builder, allowing you to tailor your messaging and customer communication for each specific event.

        To set a flow:

        1. In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Flows > My Flows.
        2. Click Create flow from scratch.
        3. Click and select a flow trigger based on the tracking event you want to set up.
        4. Choose SMS/MMS Message as an action when the previous conditions are met.
        5. Select Shortcodes below the text message box to open the list of available events delivered to Yotpo via LateShipment.
        6. Create the text message with the help of shortcodes. In place of these shortcodes, customer, order, and tracking data will be auto-populated with relevant information.
        7. Click Save and give this new flow a name.

        Your Yotpo flow is all set up and running. Your customer will now receive an SMS notification when the shipment has been updated in LateShipment.

        You can repeat this process with email personalization tags to create email notifications.

        To learn more about personalization tags, go to Adding Dynamic and Personalized Content With Merge Tags.


        The following properties are available for all custom events. You can use these in custom journey messages as event payloads. The different properties that can be used as shortcodes in your custom journeys are as follows:

        • {trackingnumber}
        • {shipdate}
        • {Estimateddate}
        • {deliverydate}
        • {Order Id}
        • {ordernumber} (Shopify order number)
        • {customername}
        • {lsstatus} (Current status of the shipment)
        • {trackinglink} (Link to the customized tracking page)
        • {carriertype} (Name of the shipping carrier used)
        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact support at

        Integrating with Yotpo Reviews

        The integration with Yotpo Reviews lets you automate the process of collecting feedback by initiating reviews based on shipping carrier delivery confirmation for 75+ global carriers.

        Connecting Yotpo Reviews with LateShipment:


        If you’ve already integrated LateShipment with a different Yotpo product, you can skip this step and go straight to configuration

        1. Connect your to Yotpo Reviews from the Yotpo Marketplace.
        2. Pick the Shopify store connected to your Yotpo account and click Continue.
        3. Log in to your account to complete the authentication.

        Configuring a Yotpo Reviews email

        1. In, go to Delivery Experience Management > Reviews & Loyalty, and select Yotpo Reviews.
        2. From the Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Email Flows and set the review request trigger to Delivery.
        3. In Lateshipment, click Enable to start the integration.

        Now, Yotpo Reviews will send a review request to the customer based on the tracking event.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact support at

        Integrating with Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

        As soon as identifies a shipping problem, it issues a Yotpo Loyalty reward to the affected customer as a means of apology. These rewards include loyalty points or discount codes.

        This helps turn a negative shopping experience into an opportunity for future positive engagement.

        Creating an earning rule

        1. In your Loyalty & Referrals main menu, go to Set Up Program.
        2. Create a new Custom action earning rule.
        3. Configure the earning rule settings, and define the action and points to reward customers. To learn more about the different settings, go to the Custom Action Earning Rule article.
        Creating a reward

        If you choose to reward customers with a discount rather than points, you will need to create the reward and choose it when setting up the earning rule.

        Customers can receive rewards for the following actions:

        • LS_Delivery_Delay - When there is a delay in delivery
        • LS_Intransit_Delay - When an order is delayed in transit
        • LS_Lost_Package - When an order is lost by a shipping carrier in transit
        • LS_Damaged_Package - When an order is damaged in transit
        • Make sure to set up an individual earning rule for each action you want to create a reward for.
        • Make sure that the Action Name field matches the exact action name given in the custom action in Yotpo Loyalty

        4. Click Save Changes.

        5. In the Manage earning rules page, click the earning rule setting and copy the API Key field from the newly created earning rule.

        6. In your account, go to Settings > Integrations > Reviews and Loyalty > Yotpo Loyalty.

        7. Enable the events for which you’ve created the custom earning rules in Yotpo.

        Customers will now automatically receive a reward if there’s an issue with their shipment, according to the earning rule you’ve set up.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact support at

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