Managing Out of Stock Products in Subscriptions

      Managing Out of Stock Products in Subscriptions

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        Managing subscriptions with out of stock products requires careful planning to minimize customer frustration and maintain loyalty.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and manage subscriptions that include out of stock products.

        How it works

        Products are considered out of stock when Shopify shows 0 or negative items available. By default, subscription orders are processed regardless of stock. This means customers will be charged, and the order will be marked as processed.

        Instead, you can choose to skip orders with out of stock products so that customers won’t be charged until the next delivery date.

        Customers will not have the ability to select Order now for the product in the customer portal. If another product within the subscription is expedited, this will create a new subscription.

        Inventory must be tracked in Shopify for out of stock settings to work.

        Skipping out of stock orders

        To automatically skip out of stock orders:

        1. In your Yotpo Subscriptions main menu, go to Settings > General > Out of Stock.
        2. Select Skip out of stock subscriptions.
        If an order contains an out of stock product, the entire order will be skipped.


        After setting out of stock orders to automatically skip, you can select which notifications to send and receive by activating the toggles under Skip out of stock subscriptions.

        Notify customers

        This notifies customers via email when their order is skipped due to out of stock products. They’ll be redirected to the customer portal, and will be able to reschedule any items in their subscription that are not out of stock if they wish to do so.

        Please note:
        You can customize the customer email under Settings > Notifications. In this section you can also choose to receive a notification when a product falls below the predicted stock needed for upcoming subscription orders.

        Whether or not this notification is turned on, customers will also see a banner on their subscription in the customer portal, letting them know why the order was skipped.

        Receive daily reports

        Enabling this toggle sends you a daily summary of orders that have been skipped due to one or more products being out of stock.

        Next steps

        Orders skipped because of out of stock products will also be marked in your customer timeline, and in the customer portal. We’ll also check whether a subscription has an out of stock product before sending any dunning notifications.

        Learn more about viewing and managing your subscriptions.

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