Offering Calendar-based SKU Swap Subscriptions

      Offering Calendar-based SKU Swap Subscriptions

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        Calendar-based SKU swaps allow customers to sign up for a subscription to receive a different product each month or quarter.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and manage SKU swap subscriptions.

        How it works

        Unlike standard subscriptions, where customers receive the same product on a regular basis, calendar-based SKU swap subscriptions allow customers to receive a different product every month or quarter.

        SKU swap subscriptions are offered on your store as one “parent” product, which represents the entire subscription. This item will set the recurring price for all orders. This allows you to focus on selling and promoting your subscription, and also offers your shoppers an easy way to navigate your offer and make a purchase.

        Creating a plan

        To create a calendar-based SKU swap plan:

        1. From your Yotpo Subscriptions main menu, go to Plans.
        2. Click Create new plan and select Calendar-based SKU swap.
        3. Give your plan a name.
        4. Select whether the plan’s delivery will be monthly or quarterly, and whether the plan will renew.
        5. Add a parent product. This is the product that represents the entire subscription.

        Please note:
        To prevent the parent product being offered as a one-time purchase, change the available purchase options in Shopify. Go to Shopify's Product Page > Purchase options and mark "Only show this product with these purchase options."

        6. Add a product for each month or quarter, and click Save & Launch. Currently, only one product can be selected per month/quarter.

        Please note:
        Select products at least 3 months in advance to save your plan. If no product is selected for a specific month, customers will receive the previous month's product.

        You can also add an additional year by clicking +Add year at the bottom of the page. This will add 12 months or 4 quarters, depending on the frequency you selected above.

        Managing SKU swaps

        You can view a customer’s SKU swap subscription like any other in the Customer page. The listing will show the name of the plan and the specific product for the upcoming order.

        On Shopify, the first order will display as the parent product, and the specific product names will be listed as properties.

        Customer experience

        Once your plan is active, customers will be able to sign up to the subscription. When purchasing the item, they will see the parent product added to their cart. The customer portal will show the name of the subscription and that month or quarter’s product in the summary.

        Customers will not be able to reschedule or update the frequency of their subscription. If they choose to skip a product, they will miss out on that month’s or quarter’s product and will continue the rest of the subscription on schedule.

        Next steps

        Learn more about additional plan settings that apply to all plans, and how to view, edit, or remove plans once you’ve created them.

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