Order Desk - Integration Guide for Yotpo Reviews

      Order Desk - Integration Guide for Yotpo Reviews

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        The integration between Order Desk and Yotpo allows merchants to easily import orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and 100+ other shopping carts and marketplaces that are integrated with Order Desk, then automatically submit order information to Yotpo and trigger automatic review request emails. You can choose which products should not be sent to Yotpo, select the default currency, and choose whether or not to include prices when submitting orders.

        About Order Desk

        Order Desk is an e-Commerce order management app that lets businesses automate their workflow. Merchants, print-on-demand artists, and suppliers can utilize the Rule Builder, custom import and export templates, over 275 integrated services including carts, fulfillment partners, CRMs, and much more.

        Before you begin

        In order to connect Yotpo to your Order Desk account, you’ll need your Yotpo app key and API secret. If you’re not sure how to find them, see Finding your Yotpo App Key and API Secret.

        Integrating Order Desk and Reviews

        Step 1 - Enable the integration

        1. Log into your Order Desk account,
        2. In the left sidebar, click Manage Integrations.
        3. Click the Productivity tab to find the Yotpo integration.
        4. Click Enable.
        5. Enter your Yotpo app key and API secret.
        6. Click Connect to Yotpo.

        Step 2 - Configure your settings

        Product Code SkipTo prevent certain SKUs from being sent to Yotpo, add them to the product code skip field. Any items included here will not be sent through with your orders. Add one SKU per line.
        Currency CodeEnter the three-digit currency code you'll be using for your orders.
        Include Prices When Sending OrdersSelect to include item prices when sending order information.
        Auto Submit Imported Orders to YotpoSelect to automatically submit any orders imported into Order Desk to your Yotpo account.

        Step 3 - Test the connection

        To test the connection between Order Desk and Yotpo, click Get Purchase List. This test will attempt to confirm that your order information is successfully passing into Yotpo.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact Order Desk support at support@orderdesk.com.

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