Setting up Your Yotpo Brand Kit

      Setting up Your Yotpo Brand Kit

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        A website brand kit is a collection of assets and guidelines that are used to maintain brand consistency throughout the shopper experience.

        The brand kit ensures that all elements on your website, such as logos, colors, and typography, are used consistently, helping establish a strong and recognizable brand identity.

        In this article, you'll learn how the brand kit works and how to use it.

        How it works

        With a brand kit, you have all your brand assets organized in one place. This makes it easier and faster to create new content or update existing assets - You'll have your logo, color palette, fonts, and other design elements ready to go.

        If you’ve already customized your emails and widgets, your existing settings will not change or be overwritten by the brand kit. Newly created widget instances will inherit the aspects you’ve configured in the brand kit.

        Brand kit interface

        The brand kit interface includes dynamic previews for both on-site widgets and emails. You can use the tabs in the top right corner to switch between the email and the widget previews.

        Please note:
        Updating your brand kit settings will not automatically affect existing emails and widgets. You can easily change or update individual widget instances or emails and only use the brand kit as a design base.

        Customizing widgets

        If you are an existing customer and have already customized and published Yotpo widgets on your site, the brand kit will not automatically affect your existing widgets. If you want to update these widgets and match them to your brand kit, go to the relevant widget and click the Apply brand kit option in the settings section of that widget.

        Fonts that are set as primary and secondary within your brand kit settings will also be part of the available fonts list within each separate widget editor. This is helpful if you want to only change the font of a specific widget and not match the whole design to the brand kit.

        Please note:
        The Rewards Sticky Bar widget must be manually updated to match your brand kit.

        Customizing emails

        Yotpo SMS & Email emails can be customized using the brand kit.

        The brand kit will not affect the following product emails:

        Please note:
        Your Yotpo brand kit will not affect any of the emails you have set up in your ESP.

        Setting up your brand kit

        To get started, go to the Yotpo Products menu and choose Yotpo Home > Settings > Brand Kit.

        The brand kit includes the following elements:

        Brand logo

        Default logo

        The default logo is used in the email templates.

        Square logo

        The square logo can be used in places where the logo is cropped or appears in a circle.


        This section is related to both web fonts and email fonts. Each has 2 relevant fields.

        Adding a font

        You can choose from the existing list or add your own custom font.

        When adding a custom font, you can choose to upload a file or several files for different font weights or insert a code snippet or URL.

        Please note:
        Each font weight must be added in a separate file. You can add multiple files with each upload for all the font weights you want to include.

        The newly added font will now appear in the fonts list for both web and email fonts. You can then choose it from the list in order to apply it.

        The brand kit fonts from the pre-existing list and uploaded custom font files are stored locally to comply with GDPR regulations.

        Web fonts

        Here you can choose the font family and font weight for both the primary and secondary widget fonts.

        Email fonts

        Here you can choose the font family for your email fonts. Email templates will automatically use the appropriate font weights. Standard fonts are supported across most email clients while non-standard fonts may not be supported.

        Your fallback font will be used if the default font you chose is not supported by an email client.

        To learn more about email fonts, go to the Managing Email Fonts article.


        Your brand colors should be set up to reflect your website’s look and feel.

        Social media links

        Add the link to all your different social accounts so they will appear within the footer of your emails.


        Set the button style that will appear in your emails and subscriber collection tools.

        You can change on-site widget button styles by going to the relevant widget editor

        Menu links

        Add and manage the menu items that will appear in your emails. You can add links to your homepage, special offers, blog, contact page, etc.

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