Viewing and Managing your Subscriptions

      Viewing and Managing your Subscriptions

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        You can get a complete and detailed view of all your customers’ subscriptions from your Subscriptions page.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to view, filter, and manage all your customers’ subscriptions from one convenient location.

        How it works

        After a customer subscribes to one of your products (through your product page widget), the subscription appears in your Subscriptions page along with all the important subscription details, such as the customer’s name, the delivery frequency, the next charge date, etc.

        Please note:
        Each subscription will also appear in your Customers page under the name of the customer who placed that subscription. Learn more about managing customer subscriptions.

        Viewing subscriptions

        To view your subscriptions:

        1. Log into Yotpo Subscriptions.
        2. Select Subscriptions from the main menu.

        You’ll now see a list of your subscriptions. To download the list, click Export to CSV file.

        Please note:
        To access your subscription data via API, contact support.

        Understanding subscription information

        Subscriptions will be displayed with the following information:

        Subscription informationDescription
        Subscription IDA unique number automatically generated for each new subscription. You can use this number for internal tracking, or for communicating with customers who will also see this number in their customer portal.
        CustomerIncludes the customer’s name and email address. See more about customer information below.
        ProductsProducts the customer has subscribed to on the same date, and at the same delivery frequency
        FrequencyThe delivery frequency the customer chose for this subscription. For example: every 2 weeks, every 1 month, etc.
        Next charge dateThe next date your customer will be charged, which is also the next date the subscription order will be processed for delivery (based on the delivery frequency)

        Note: Only active subscriptions have a next charge date. Learn more about subscription statuses below.
        StatusEach subscription has a status based on where it is in the subscription lifecycle: active, canceled, etc. See the complete subscription status breakdown below.
        Last status updateThe last time the status of the subscription was changed

        For example: For active subscriptions, this is the date the subscription was created or purchased. For canceled subscriptions, this is the date the subscription changed to canceled from a different status (active, paused, etc.).

        Each subscription will have one of the following statuses:

        Subscription statusDescription
        ActiveSubscriptions that are successfully being paid for and processed, i.e., are not paused, canceled, expired, or failed
        PausedSubscriptions that were paused by the merchant

        Note: You can re-activate a subscription anytime from the Customers page for a specific customer. Learn more about managing customer subscriptions.
        CanceledSubscriptions can become canceled in two ways:
        1. By the merchant in the Customers page. Learn more about subscription order actions.
        2. By the customer in their customer portal.
        ExpiredSubscriptions that have not renewed 
        FailedSubscriptions for which a payment could not be processed after 8 days of attempting to collect payment

        To open the Customer page, click > on any row to get additional information about a subscription, including the customer's contact info, timeline, and order history. If you return to the subscriptions list, any previous filters will still be applied.

        Using filters to view subscriptions

        You can use filters to get a customized list of subscriptions you’re interested in.

        For example, filter by the Product and Variant to get a unique view of subscriptions including only a specific product variant. Or, track and follow up on canceled subscriptions by setting the Subscription status to Canceled.

        Here’s a breakdown of all available filters:

        ProductAllows you to filter subscriptions by product name, so you can see all subscriptions that include a specific product

        Note: If a subscription includes more than one product, you’ll see additional products in this list
        VariantOnce you’ve selected a product, you can further filter subscriptions by product variant

        You need to first select a product to specify the variant and filter subscriptions by product variant
        Next charge dateAllows you to view all subscriptions according to the nearest charge date coming up
        Subscription statusAllows you to view subscriptions according to their status. See subscription status breakdown
        Last status updateAllows you to view all subscriptions that have changed their status during a certain period of time.

        For example: To view all the new subscriptions created during the month of July, enter Active in the Subscription status filter to search for new subscriptions, and select the month of July in the Last status update filter.

        If you want to view or follow up on all subscriptions that failed or got canceled in the month of July, enter Failed or Canceled in the Subscription status filter, and select the month of July in the Last status update filter.
        Subscriptions in dunningAllows you to view all subscriptions that are currently in dunning.

        Subscriptions are considered in dunning when the customer's payment method has been declined. By default, we'll attempt the card 8 times before marking the subscription as failed. To customize the dunning process, go to Settings > General > Dunning.

        Next steps

        You can take a range of actions to manage the customer’s information and subscription, such as editing their shipping address, skipping an upcoming delivery, adding a new subscription product, and more. Learn more about managing customer subscriptions.

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