Weglot - Yotpo Integration Guide

      Weglot - Yotpo Integration Guide

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        Weglot enables brands to turn their site multilingual in minutes and easily manage all the translations. Seamlessly integrating into your website, Weglot adapts to your technology and delivers it in any language. Translated pages are automatically indexed on Google following multilingual SEO best practices.

        Integration benefits

        This seamless integration between Yotpo & Weglot allows brands to easily translate all Yotpo-related features from the original store language to any language the user chooses. By simply installing Weglot to your eCommerce store, it will automatically detect and translate your Yotpo review widgets, content galleries, and loyalty modules.

        Using Yotpo's integration with Weglot, brands can easily translate their eCommerce stores in minutes. Having a multilingual store that is automatically indexed by Google, can increase global reach and boost worldwide sales.

        Integrating Yotpo and Weglot

        To integrate Yotpo and Weglot:

        1. Go to your Shopify admin and click on Apps > Visit Shopify App Store
        2. Search for Weglot and click on Add app.
        3. Follow the installation wizard and create a Weglot account. All you need is an e-mail address and a password to start your 10-day free trial.
        4. Enter the language your store is currently using, and the language(s) you’d like to translate it to.
        5. See what it looks like by clicking Visit your website.

        Weglot will automatically detect your Yotpo Reviews widgets, galleries, Loyalty & Referrals modules, and SMS & Emails subscription tools and make them translatable in minutes.

        You can also start customizing your translations and/or the appearance of your language-switch button by clicking Go to the settings page in Weglot.

        Merchants using Yotpo SMS & Email:

        • Make sure to create a pop-up with the new Pop-up editor when using Weglot
        • If you are using the embedded form and would like to translate its dynamic content, make sure to follow the instructions here in this article.
        Having issues with the integration?
        • If the content you're trying to translate is dynamic, go to this article.
        • If the content is in an iframe, go to this article
        If you're still having issues, contact Weglot support at support@weglot.com.


        Can Weglot translate multiple languages in the same Yotpo widget into a single language?

        Weglot will only detect the original language you selected when installing the app on your store and translate the content to the destination languages you select.

        Can I select which sections Weglot translates?

        By default, Weglot will detect and translate the pages on your website but you can exclude blocks, URLs, or paragraphs using the Weglot exclusion feature and target specific pages/parts of your website to be translated.

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