Wonderment - Yotpo Integration Guide

      Wonderment - Yotpo Integration Guide

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        The integration between Yotpo and Wonderment enables merchants to use shipping data in Yotpo's platform. This includes timing review requests according to when a product was delivered, and sending SMS delivery notifications.

        About Wonderment

        Wonderment turns your transactional emails and SMS messages into a revenue powerhouse. They help you improve your customer retention and happiness metrics with proactive order updates and native order tracking pages.

        Wonderment integrates tightly with the popular platforms used by merchants - like Shopify, Yotpo, and carriers. The depth of these integrations is far beyond other apps in that space, enabling the most robust and sophisticated experiences for merchants building on those platforms.

        Integrating with SMS & Email

        There are two steps to start using the Wonderment - Yotpo SMS integration. First, you will activate the integration from inside Wonderment. After the integration is activated, you can create flows based on Wonderment templates available in Yotpo.

        Activating the integration

        To activate the integration:

        1. Go to Wonderment Settings > Integrations > Yotpo.
        2. On the Yotpo card, click Connect.
        3. On the screen that follows, click Connect with Yotpo.

        You’ll now return to the Wonderment integrations screen and the card will show Connected.

        Working with flows

        In the Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Flows > Create Flow From Scratch and search for Wonderment in the flow triggers.

        To learn more about Flows, check out our Introduction to SMS Flows article.

        Yotpo SMS shortcodes

        Various shortcodes are available for Yotpo SMS & Email for referencing variables such as the order number, tracking page, carrier, and more.

        See our reference on these values and their examples in the Wonderment Docs.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact Wonderment support at help@wonderment.cc

        Integrating with Reviews

        Wonderment can update each order in Shopify to be marked as 'delivered'. This makes your shipping and delivery data available for use in Yotpo Reviews.

        You can enable these events in Wonderment by clicking the Activate button under the Wonderment Integration Settings.


        We strongly recommend turning this on, unless you have specific fulfillment workflows or data where you don't want this data inserted.

        Once activated, you can set your review requests to be triggered by the “delivery” status, ensuring customers are only receiving review requests once they’ve received the product. To update your review request trigger status, click here.

        Having issues with the integration?
        Contact Wonderment support at help@wonderment.cc

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