Exporting Reviews from Yotpo

      Exporting Reviews from Yotpo


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        You can quickly export your reviews from Yotpo to a CSV file. You can choose to export all of your reviews or a filtered selection.

        Exporting your reviews

        1. From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Reviews >  Moderation.
        2. (optional) Use the filters to define which reviews you want to export. You can filter by date range, content type, product, and more.
        3. On the right of the screen, click Export to CSV.

        We'll send an email to the address associated with your account, with a link to download a CSV file containing all of your review data. It may take up to 1 hour for the exported reviews CSV to arrive in your inbox.

        Please note:

        You cannot currently export the following:

        • Q&A
        • Reviews that were filtered using the search bar.

        Additionally, new reviews submitted within the last 24 hours might not appear in the export file.

        Understanding your exported review data

        Your exported product reviews are formatted into a CSV spreadsheet file. The table below describes the headers of the spreadsheet (the top row) and the types of information that belong in each column. 

        Not all columns are relevant for all reviews.

        Column headerDescription 
        app_keyYour Yotpo Reviews account API key
        Review ID The ID of the reviews within the Yotpo system
        Review Creation DateThe date when the review was created
        Review TypeThe type of review(Product review, Site review)
        Review StatusThe status of the review(Published, Rejected, Escalated)
        Status DetailsThe reason the review was rejected or escalated. See rejection reasons and escalation reasons
        Review SourceThe source of the review, e.g. reminder, import, syndication, widget
        Review ScoreThe review score (1-5 star rating)
        Review TitleThe title of the review
        Review ContentThe textual content of the review
        Sentiment ScoreThe score assigned by our smart sentiment algorithm
        • <0.15: Negative sentiment
        • 0.15-0.65: Neutral sentiment or indecisive
        • >0.65: Positive sentiment
        Learn more about Smart Sentiment Analysis
        Profanity FlagWhether the review was flagged for profanity (1) or not (empty cell)
        Published Image URLThe source URL(s) of the review's published picture/s. Multiple URLs are separated by semicolons
        Unpublished Image URL The source URL(s) of the review's unpublished picture/s. Multiple URLs are separated by semicolons
        Published Video URLThe source URL(s) of the review's published video/s. Multiple URLs are separated by semicolons
        Unpublished Video URLThe source URL(s) of the review's unpublished video/s. Multiple URLs are separated by semicolons
        Comment DateThe date and time when the comment was created
        Comment ContentThe content of a comment made regarding a particular review
        Comment PublicWhether the comment can be viewed by all visitors to the site (public) or only by the reviewer (private)
        Review TagsTags that were added to the review
        Thumbs UpThe number of thumbs-up votes the review received from other shoppers
        Thumbs Down The number of thumbs down votes the review received from other shoppers
        Order ID The ID of the order within the Yotpo system
        Order DateThe date the order was created
        Pushed to SocialIndicates whether the review was pushed to Facebook or Twitter
        Reviewer Display NameThe reviewer's name
        Reviewer Email
        The reviewer's email address
        Reviewer TypeThe type of user who created the review(Anonymous/Verified Reviewer/Verified Buyer)
        Reviewer CountryThe country where the review originated from
        Reviewer Device TypeThe type of device the reviewer used to send the review(desktop, mobile, tablet)
        Product IDThe Product ID generated by your eCommerce platform. This value may be shown as an SKU in the file you export from your store platform
        Product TitleThe name of the product
        Product DescriptionThe description of the product
        Product URLThe URL of the product page on your store
        Product Image URLThe URL of the product image
        Product HandleThe unique name for the product that is found on the product page URL
        Product GroupThe group the product is assigned to. Learn more about product groups
        Product Category
        Product UPCThe product’s Universal Product Code
        Product SKUThe product’s Stock-Keeping Unit
        Product BrandThe brand of the product
        Product MPNThe product’s Manufacturer Part Number
        Product ISBNThe product’s International Standard Book Number
        Metaobject handle
        A Metaobject handle ID is a unique ID generated for a review in Shopify. The purpose of this field is to prevent duplicate reviews in Shopify Metaobjects. To learn more, see Shopify's help center
        cf_[form name]_[question]The name of the custom questions form and the specific question the reviewer answered as part of submitting their review. To learn more about custom questions, see Adding Custom Questions to Your Review Emails.


        Can I export reviews from Yotpo to Amazon?

        We are unable to export reviews from Yotpo to Amazon as this is against Amazon's Conditions of Use 

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