Meta Syndication Email Report

      Meta Syndication Email Report

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        The Facebook syndication report keeps you up-to-date on the status of your syndicated reviews. Quickly identify how many reviews were syndicated, how many reviews were matched to products in your shops, and more. You can use this information to take action and get more matches between your reviews and your products.

        In this article, you'll learn how to read your Facebook & Instagram Syndication email report.

        How it works

        Start by setting up syndication for your Yotpo Reviews account. Once you’re connected, you’ll start receiving a weekly email report to the email address of the Yotpo admin associated with your account.

        Please note:
        Q&A will not currently be displayed in your shops.

        What’s in the report?

        The Facebook syndication report includes the following information:

        • The total number of products that got reviews, and how many product variants were included in that number
        • The total number of eligible reviews that were syndicated from Yotpo to Facebook
        • The number of syndicated reviews that were matched to products in your shops

        The report also includes a downloadable CSV file containing all of the reviews that were sent, their syndication status, and links to the product pages on your shops.


        Which reviews are eligible for syndication?

        To be eligible for syndication, a review must be a product review with a strong product indicator - either a GTIN or product URL.

        Facebook or Instagram may choose not to publish specific content including, for example, if the content violates reviews in accordance with their policies or they cannot match the content to a product.

        Please note that reviews will only display on mobile, and not on desktop.

        How can I match more reviews to products in my shops?

        To match more reviews, make sure that each product in your product catalog contains a GTIN or product URL.

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