Generating a Shareable Review Link

      Generating a Shareable Review Link

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        Increase your review collection rate by sending your customers a direct link to submit a review through any communication channel, or embed the link to your site, email editor, marketing campaign, and more.

        Easily generate and personalize a direct link to write a review without having to wait for an email or SMS message to be triggered.

        In this article, you’ll learn how to generate and customize the link to share with customers.

        How it works

        Each individual link creates a customized landing page. You can send it to any customer through any channel of communication, or embed the link on your site. 

        You can also choose whether you want it to be a product review for a specific product or a site review.

        Once the customer submits a review, it will go through a verification process.

        Customer verification process


        In the review submission process, the customer will be asked to add and confirm their email address. The review will receive a badge according to the confirmation process:

        • If the customer confirms their email address and our system identifies that this email address is associated with a past purchase for this product, we will mark the review as a Verified Buyer.
        • If the customer confirms their email address and our system does not find a purchase associated with this email address, we will mark the review as a Verified Reviewer.
        • If the customer leaves a review and does not confirm their email address, we will mark the review as Anonymous.

        To learn more about reviewer badges, check out the Reviewer Badges article.

        Please note:
        The customer verification process will apply only to orders from the last 12 months.

        Generate a link automatically:

        1. From your Yotpo Reviews main menu, go to Emails > Shareable Review Link.
        2. Choose whether you want to send a product review or a site review. If you choose a product review, you will see an option to choose a specific product.
        3. Once you’ve configured all the settings, click Get link
          • You can copy this link and share it on social media, via instant messaging, email, etc.
          • You can copy the code and embed the link to your site, email editor, marketing campaign, etc.

        You can also add a personal touch to the link by filling in the customer’s name and/or email address.

        Generate a link manually:

        If you’d like to embed a link on your site, take the following URL and add the relevant parameters:{{MY_APPKEY}}&display_name=&email=&email_type=review_request_link_product&page_title=Please%20write%20a%20review&product_title={{PRODUCT NAME}}&review_accept_one_field=true&review_images=true&review_source=review_request_link_product&review_title_required=true&skip_share=false&sku={{PRODUCT ID}}&ref=yotpo

        Make sure to change the following URL parameters:

        Next steps

        After you start sharing the links with customers, you can see how many reviews the links are generating by looking at the Reviews Dashboard.

        To learn more about the dashboard, check out the Reviews Dashboard article

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