Guide to Launching your Loyalty & Referrals Program On-site

      Guide to Launching your Loyalty & Referrals Program On-site

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        Build a seamless Loyalty & Referrals on-site experience from discovery to checkout. With Yotpo’s Rewards Sticky Bar, Rewards Page Builder, and Modules, we give you both speed-to-launch and customizability.

        An engaging on-site loyalty experience is key for building lasting lifetime value. You can customize every step to your brand’s voice and look-and-feel, and have an engaging program up and running quickly — and iterate on it instantly.

        In this article, you will see an overview of the steps to launch your Loyalty & Referrals on-site. We will cover where and how to implement your Loyalty frontend experience.

        Before you start

        Before you begin deploying your Loyalty program onsite, you need to:

        Workflow to launching your loyalty program onsite

        Once you have completed the above and configured your Loyalty & Referrals program, follow these steps to implement your program onsite.

        1. Create a rewards page.
        2. Implement rewards at checkout.
        3. Additional implementations.

        1. Creating a rewards page

        The rewards page is where shoppers can sign up, log in, view VIP Tier status, and earn/redeem points. Having a dedicated page on your site for this is a great way to skyrocket your loyalty engagement and sales. Create a dedicated Loyalty and referrals page on your site with your brand look and feel. This creates a seamless experience for customers when looking to engage with your program and redeem their rewards.

        You can easily launch a rewards page with the Yotpo Rewards Page Builder. See a complete guide to Building and Publishing a Rewards Page.

        2. Implementing rewards at checkout

        Available for

        Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals merchants on Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise plans

        With rewards at checkout, your customers can redeem their points on the checkout page without interrupting the shopping experience. Having rewards available at checkout increases conversions, program exposure, and engagement. 

        How to implement rewards at checkout

        You can use the Loyalty & Referrals Checkout On-site Module to implement redemption directly in checkout for a unified customer journey and experience.

        We have made it easy for you to add redemptions to your checkout page. Check below to see which checkout module option you need to implement, or see a complete guide to implementing redeem points modules.

        If you use any amount discount rewards

        An any amount cash discount (previously known as a variable coupon) means you let customers redeem points on a sliding scale defined by a points-to-dollars ratio. For example, if your ratio is $1= 10 points, then 1234 points = $123 dollars. Shoppers can redeem dynamic discount amounts depending on how many points they have.

        If you are using this option, you will implement a Slider bar module at checkout.

        If you offer fixed-amount/percentage discount rewards

        A fixed amount cash discount (previously known as a fixed-amount coupon) means you only offer discount rewards in pre-set amounts such as $10 off, $20 off, or $25 off.

        Percentage discounts (previously known as Percentage coupons) offer a pre-determined discount percentage value, for example, a 15% discount reward for 100 points, or a 10% discount reward after completing a campaign.

        If you are using fixed-amount/percentage rewards, you will implement a dropdown menu module at the checkout

        If you want to offer free products at checkout

        If you want to let customers redeem free products on the checkout page, you will implement a free products module at checkout.

        3. Implementing additional options

        Adding Loyalty to the Customer Account page

        In addition to a dedicated rewards page, some brands also display parts of their Loyalty & Referrals program on the customer account page. 

        The customer account page is a great place to engage shoppers in your loyalty program in a number of ways such as showing them their point balance, options to redeem points, or rewards history.

        Learn more about Displaying Loyalty & Referrals on the Customer Account Page.

        Dedicated referral page

        In addition to a Refer Friends section on your Rewards Page, having a dedicated page for referrals is a great way to skyrocket your word-of-mouth traffic and sales. See an example of how to create a referral page on Shopify.

        Free Shipping for VIP Tiers - only available on Shopify Plus

        Free shipping is a great way to incentivize users to engage with your Loyalty program. If you want to offer free shipping as a perk for VIP Tier members, see this guide for implementing free shipping on Shopify Plus.

        Post-purchase Referral Opportunity - only available on Shopify Plus

        Post-purchase is a great time to convert customers. You can display a post-purchase referral request by embedding an instance of the Refer Friends module on your checkout page. Learn more about displaying post-purchase referral popups.

        Testing your program

        Once you've finished setting everything up, we recommend doing a test run of the program to make sure everything is set up as you want it.

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