Creating a Footer Form

      Creating a Footer Form

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        Footer forms are a great tool for any merchant who would like to seamlessly grow their SMS and email subscribers. They can be fully customized to match your brand voice and placed on any page of your website.

        Our advanced features will help you create engaging forms and maximize subscriber collection at every customer touchpoint.

        Getting started

        To create a footer form:

        1.  In your Yotpo SMS & Email main menu, go to Audience > Subscriber Collection Tools.
        2. Click the Footer Collection card.If you don't see it, click Show tools to expand the view.
          You will now be able to see the main dashboard with 2 menus.

        SMSBump Settings

        The menu on your left side is your editor. This is where you will determine the design of your subscription form.

        The menu at the top of the page allows you to change the name of your new footer form and decide on its status: whether you want to publish it, or keep it as a draft.

        If you click the Exit button in the top right corner, you will leave the footer form menu and will go back to the main Subscriber Collection Tools Dashboard.

        Customize design

        We will now walk you through the footer form editor. First stop - the Design subsection. It is located in the top left corner of the dashboard and is full of exciting features to design the perfect footer form!

        SMSBump Footer Form

        The design menu will help you customize the layout of the footer form, the fields it contains, and regulation requirements. You can review how your form will look like on a desktop device, on a tablet, or on a mobile phone at all times, by switching between the 3 options in the top left corner.

        Our built-in footer forms come in 2 steps. It means you get to customize the whole customer experience - the footer form on your website and the thank-you message for your new subscribers. That is why in the bottom left corner you can see a big blue Next form button, showing you the total number of steps you need to follow in order to complete the customization of your form.

        You can also switch between steps from the buttons at the top of the page: Form 1 and Success.

        Right next to them are another 3 useful buttons:

        • Undo - reverses your last action.
        • Redo - brings back your last action.
        • Disable element - allows you to quickly disable a certain design element from the footer form. You only need to click on the particular element and then select Disable.


        This is the place where you get to choose the overall design and feel of your footer form.


        In the Theme subsection, you will find a gallery of ready-to-use templates. Click on a theme of your choice and you will see its detailed preview. Under each template, you will find out its total number of steps. Keep in mind that each template does not only have a different background image, but also a different style, fonts, etc.

        SMSBump Footer Form


        This is where you can continue customizing your footer formand its main elements: background image, blocks, CTA button.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        You can remove the sample background image and upload an image of your own. You also have the option to choose a background color.

        The background image will automatically resize if used on desktop devices, tablets or mobile phones. However, if you uncheck the Auto resize Main Image box on the left, you’ll be able to upload different-sized images for each of the three formats.

        The Rounded Corners section allows you to determine how round you want the corners of your footer form to be. If you change the number to 0, the form will be in а rectangular shape.

        You can play around with the Form Type and the Button Style and choose which design suits you best - whether the main parts of the footer form and the button will be in blocks or inline. If you decide to leave the Form Type Inline, you can select if you want the Subscribe button below to be in the left, middle, or right part of the form.


        This is where you fill in and customize the texts of your footer form.

        The header text is the top text box. In this example: “Be a VIP. Join our text marketing newsletter.”

        The description text is just below your Header text. In this example: “Be in the know. Get the latest tips and tricks for the fashion industry first.”

        SMSBump Footer Form

        You can switch between the two texts from the drop-down menu above. If you want to remove either of them, you can do it by disabling the field - available in the top section of the menu.

        Our detailed text menu allows for full text customization:

        Align Text - left, right, or centere
        Text Options - bold, italic, or underline
        Choose Font - we have a large variety of available font
        Font Size - choose the size of the letters.
        Line Height - choose the height of the text boxe
        Letter Spacing - choose the amount of space between the letter
        Bottom Spacing - choose the amount of space between the text and the sections belo
        Text Color - choose from a palette of color
        Add Custom Font - you can import font of your choice. Just remember that not all fonts are free to use. You need to check the font’s license to make sure commercial use is permitted.

        And now that we are done customizing the layout of the footer form, it is time to move on to the Fields section.


        This is where you get to customize the Fill-in blocks of your footer form: Country Field, Phone Field, Email Field, Button Field.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        It is up to you to choose which of these fields you want to be enabled, which should be disabled, and which will be mandatory for your subscribers to fill out.

        SMS & Email users have the option to collect emails as an addition to phone numbers. However, the email-only subscription option is only available for those of you, who have enabled the SMS & Email - Klaviyo integration. If you choose to disable the integration, the phone number collection will become once again mandatory.

        You can customize the color of each field, the color of the texts, and the size of fonts. You can also enable borders and choose their size, style,or color.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        After you customize each of the fields (Country, Phone, Email, Button), we can now move on to the next section: Regulations.


        This is where you get to customize the final parts of your footer form - all related to the TCPA & CTIA compliance regulations.


        This menu gives you the option to add a checkbox to your footer form with links to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If visitors check the box, they agree to these policies and terms.

        This part of your footer form is optional - you can have it enabled or disabled. You can also choose to make it mandatory. From the palette below you are able to choose the color for the checkbox text.

        SMSBump Footer Form


        This is where you get to customize the obligatory compliance text in your footer form - to make sure your customers give their explicit consent to receive text marketing messages from you. The copy of the text is pre-set and available in a few different languages - to make sure it meets all legal requirements.

        You can choose afont, font size, line height, and text color. This is where you also add the links, leading to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        And last, but not least…

        Additional fields

        This is where we added 2 more options for you:

        1. Mobile-quick subscribe: allow customers using mobile phones to subscribe with a single tap. This option is available for the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, and Spain only.
        2. Ask for an email after the quick subscribe. If you enable the mobile quick subscribe, you can, later on, suggest your subscribers join your mailing list as well.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        If there is still something you would like to change when it comes to the design of your footer form, you can add a custom CSS by clicking on the Form button at the top of the page and then choose Add Custom CSS.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        A popup will appear. Paste the CSS code and then click Save.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        Success message

        Now that you have finished customizing the design of your Form 1, it is time to move on to the second step - the Success Message. You can open it either by clicking on the success button on the top or by clicking the Next form 1/2 blue button in the bottom left corner.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        The Success Message is what visitors will see right after they have subscribed to your text marketing club. Use it to thank them for becoming a part of the family and tell them what they should expect from you in the future.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        This time the customization options are significantly less compared to the previous form: you can change the background image, edit the copy, colors,and formatting of the Header or the Description texts.

        For your ease, we’ve already matched all those with your main message, but you are free to change them however you like.

        SMSBump Footer Form


        Once you are done customizing the design and the behavior of your footer, it is time to publish it on your website. In order for this to happen,click on the Publish button in the top right corner.

        You will then see the following message:

        This option allows you to decide whether you want to have a Flow associated with this specific footer.

        Next, set up the SMS your new subscribers will receive after giving their consent to receive text messages from you.

        By clicking the Edit SMS option you will be taken to the Automations/Flows menu (depending on your previous choice) where you can start drafting your text message. This is also the time to set up a special discount if you have promised one in the footer.

        The Forms List option will take you back to your subscriber collection forms menu.

        You have a few more steps to follow so that the footer form ispublished on your website. Go to the Themes section of your store andclick the green Customize button in the top right corner.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        From the menu on the left choose the Add section option and then select the desired form from the Subscription footer forms. You need to click the Save button in the top right corner to generate the correct preview of the form for the first time.

        SMSBump Footer Form

        Congratulations! Your footer form is now published!

        Track performance

        Within the Subscriber Collection Tools menu, you can also track the progress of your footer forms with metrics such as Impressions, Click-Through Rate, ROI, and more.

        From the menu on the right, you can edit the footer form, check out more detailed analytics regarding its performance, and edit the SMS your new subscribers will receive once they opt-in for your text marketing services.

        SMSBump Footer Form

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